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Apocalypso is the second studio album by Australian electronic dance music duo The Presets. The album was released by record label Modular on 12 April 2008 in Australia, on 13 May in the United States, and 2 June in the United Kingdom. The album features the singles “My People”, “This Boy’s in Love”, “Talk Like That”, “Yippiyo-Ay”, “If I Know You” and “Kicking and Screaming”.



Mick – “Still don’t really know what to make of this. Had a massive range in the album but felt a bit like it couldn’t make up its mind.
Defo liked the opener Kicking and Screaming. Think the vocal worked and the beat was nice and dirty throughout.
Not a fan of My People at all. For some reason I keep thinking bands sound like Editors lead singer Tom Smith or even Kasabian’s Tom Meighan too.
A New Sky wasn’t bad at all but I think like quite a few of their songs they don’t really have a peak and drops, they kinda plateau the whole way through.
This Boy’s in Love is very Swedish House Mafia and that’s the side I’m not mad keen on. I think maybe sometimes the vocals might be drowning out what I like most about the music and found this on Yippiyo-Ay. Great start and beat but I wanted him to shut up ruining the good music. Talk Like That was a bit like this too.
Eucalyptus was very rock electronic I must say, like Pendulum from a few years back. Together kinda summed up that they didn’t know what style they wanna be a bit – loads of different electronic variations but I reckon they are better off picking one.
Aeons was probably my favourite because it was probably the only one to hear the sweet melody. I like the downed tempo at the 1:40 mark, brought ya on a bit more of a journey rather than just non stop like some of the other songs.
They defo have a recognisable sound with the vocals but not really my cup of tea to be fair. I reckon if I heard this without the vocals I’d really like it.”

Spud – “I probably haven’t heard of these in the last 10 years (I actually saw them at V Festival in Melbourne in 2008).
I’m not mad on the first song and unfortunately for me it’s one of the longest on the album too! My People is better, probably because of the heavier bass in the first half of the song, but for me it could have ended right on 2:31. Similar story with A New Sky – it’s like some of the songs themselves have filler in them.
I do like This Boy’s in Love and my favourite is probably Yippiyo-Ay. The vocals are bit more funky or soulful and it reminded of something the Chemical Brothers might do. I like Talk Like That – it’s shorter and ends in exactly the right moment. Eucalyptus also ends abruptly and has a nice change of tempo and vocals, probably my second favourite track. The good run continues with If I Know You but again, although I didn’t dislike the ending, I would have ended the song at 3:00.
Together isn’t bad but it’s a bit too much like Talk Like That in parts, the beat’s too fast in other parts, and it’s too long at almost 6mins. Aeons also not bad, but didn’t really do anything for me. Last and longest, Anywhere has another different style but isn’t for me.
So, not the best start but a good middle and even though the end didn’t blow me away it did give me the chance to come down and chill out.”

Sol – “I actually really enjoyed this album, but then thought it could have been better. Similar to Mick, I thought the vocals actually took away from it and made it a bit too commercial for me on some of the songs.
It has been wrecking my head as to who they remind me of vocally – I’m hearing New Order, Dead or Alive, someone else that I can’t put my finger on.
I thought the opener sounded modern until he sang and then it adapted a real 80’s sound to it, which I could hear throughout the whole album.
I thought the run of This Boy’s in Love through to Talk Like That had a good flow and got me going and then they took a different direction with Eucalyptus, very 80’s feel to that with the keyboards. Very heavy Chemical Brothers vibe, didn’t really work for me, that was a skipper on the album for me.
Aeons didn’t blow me away but enjoyed and appreciated the difference that it brought.
I thought they kept the best for last with Anywhere, that was my favorite tune, very heavy bass, love the build up to the 2min mark, This is an absolute tuuuunnnneee.
I can fully understand why you like these Ice and you probably have a nostalgic view of them as I can see how they’d be a holiday band and bring ya back to Australia anytime ya listen to them. Good man, good first album and very you, would not have listened to these otherwise.”

Molly – “I enjoyed the album. There is an 80’s vibe/feel that brings a familiarity even though I don’t know them. Really liked Yippiyo-Ay, My People, This Boy’s In Love and Talk Like That – I’m assuming they were singles off the album. Overall there was enough here to keep my ear. Very little skips. So that’s a thumbs up from me.
Sol, think they sound a bit like Depeche Mode.”

E.P. – “Good shout Ice, I liked the album. Defo get the 80’s vibe, like the lads said. Then again, I thought Kicking and Screaming and Together had a Chemical Brothers sound to them. Really liked This Boy’s In Love, Eucalyptus and If I Know You – they were the stand out tracks for me. Overall, really good listen.”

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  • Yippiyo-Ay
  • Talk Like That


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