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Easter Is Cancelled is the sixth studio album by the British hard rock band the Darkness. It was released on 4 October 2019 through Canary Dwarf and Cooking Vinyl.
The album was first announced on 4 April 2019, via a video published on the bands official YouTube channel, featuring the band members reciting a poem. A few days later they also announced details of a UK headline tour to support the album. The first single from the album, “Rock and Roll Deserves to Die”, was released on 6 August 2019, along with an accompanying music video.



Mick – “I think it’s pretty obvious that I really don’t like the Darkness and this really did nothing to help that opinion at all if I’m honest. I actually thought the opening of the first song Rock and Roll Deserves to Die was a nice intro and had nice parts during the song (thinking maybe they turned a corner) but then he let’s loose his pipe hole and they go full Darkness on me. How Can I Lose Your Love – the start reminds me of Right Beside You by Sophie B. Hawkins and again was progression of not the worst for me, had a decent melody and I could get on board with this one I’d say, wasn’t bad at all.
It’s clearly a long time since I’ve heard them but they do seem to have progressed their sound from completely skin crawling to maybe an STD itch so as much as I wasn’t a fan it wasn’t a disaster I thought it would be. The likes of Deck Chair shows the other side of their poodle rock but the side I’d prefer, this could be a 70’s rock ballad for sure. Nice indeed. They kinda went full Darkness on Easter is Cancelled even my eyes started bleeding. They do showcase lots of different styles of music on this, which as I always said shows them as the good musicians they are. Choke on It thought showed this a little but couldn’t put my finger on who it reminded me of (maybe Metallica?). We Are the Guitar Men and Laylow in bits could have been Matchbox 20/The Killers or something (apart from the whingey bit and I’m probably way off with that comparison but hey). Much more radio friendly and I thought this showing different sides helped a bit.
Just not my cuppa tea which ya probably remember from back in the day but as always a different listen and that’s what this is about.”

Spud – “I’m not a fan of Glam Rock or Rock Opera so I thought the writing was on the wall after the very first track, but the album wasn’t all bad. Actually the second song, How Can I Lose Your Love, was already an improvement. It reminded of 80’s rock and brought me back to Super Sundays down in Barcode listening to covers of Journey.
I preferred the songs where the high-pitched singing was at a minimum, such as Heart Explodes and In Another Life. Musically I thought We Are the Guitar Men was good.
Those with too much vocal in the upper octaves included the title track Easter is Cancelled, which may have been a decent song otherwise. And if Heavy Metal Lover had been Indie Rock Lover, I’d have probably liked it. I feel like there’s good songs in there but not in that style/genre for me.
P.S. I did venture into the bonus tracks on occasion and Laylow really was a bonus – quality song and probably my pick from the album.”

Ice – “I remember a few of these tunes when they were around along time ago, I remember catchy tunes, rock and a very high pitched voice so interested how this album would go…
At the start of Rock and Roll Deserves to Die I was puzzled as it didn’t sound like what I thought were the Darkness. They sounds like a Celtic band but then the scream came and so did the rock! From there is turned into a whopper super tune! Super intro especially the medley at the end! How Can I Lose Your Love wasn’t as fast paced as the previous but all the positives were there with lyrics, guitar and vocal. I’m a fan of the upbeat tune on Live ‘Til I Die, showed me the softer side of his voice which actually reminded me of Cliff Richards. Heart Explodes is more of the same, easy listening catchy good tune. If you played Deck Chair on its own I would not know it was the Darkness, it’s got an air of Freddie in his voice. The first few seconds of Easter is Cancelled set it up for success, and as it went along it got better and better accompanied by some serious riffs, worthy of the album title! Heavy Metal Lover and In Another Life were more catchy tunes. The backing music on Choke on It mildly reminds me of Batman’s theme tune, de-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne… It was nice to finish off on We Are the Guitar Men which was a light happy tune!
Thanks a million for putting this up Molly, it’s rare that I like every song of an album but this time an exception was made. I’m happy to have a more diversified and appreciative view on the Darkness now, great nomination!”

Sol – “It’s just not my style, either be a gay euro vision band or a rock band, please don’t try tick both boxes – it doesn’t work!!!
Like their previous album, I can really appreciate the musicians, like great guitar riffs in Live ‘Til I Die and the melody in Confirmation Bias.
I was tricked into thinking that from the start of a few songs, it was gonna be good but then Justin made a appearance.
However, I do agree with Mick that they progressed from the first album.
Heart Explodes sorta of reminds me of A Day Like This by Elbow, it was actually pretty catchy.
Deck Chair has a smell of Freddie from it, this was probably my favourite song from the album, nice arrangement for the strings within it.
Basically it wasn’t the worst and I found myself preferring the vocals in the slower songs but the music in the more rocky ones. Cheers anyway.”

E.P. – “I had a bit of a love/hate one with this one. Some good stuff there, and then other songs I found irritating.
GOOD: great opener and second song, classic Darkness songs. Heart Explodes was very catchy, agree with Sol. Easter is Cancelled was good, even if his voice is a little bit much on it (sure what’s new). I really liked guitar on In Another Life. Spud is right too…Laylow is a great little tune.
BAD: Deck Chair – forgettable. Heavy Metal Lover – cringey… although I did like the references to Obituary (they’re a proper Metal Band if anyone wants to listen to them). Choke on It – irritated me. What’s with the Liam Gallagher impression at around 2.30?!? Confirmation Bias annoyed me the most, because I think there’s a really good song there. His WAY over the top screaming in the second half just fucking ruins it, such a shame.
While I agree with the lads that there’s a bit more to their sound on this one, it’s not as good as their first stuff for me. There are no songs as good as Believe in a Thing Called Love, Growing on Me or Love is Only A Feeling. Somewhere between a meh and like for me this album.”

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  • Heart Explodes
  • Laylow


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