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Oracular Spectacular is the debut album by American band MGMT, released on October 2, 2007 by RED Ink and physically on January 22, 2008 by Columbia. It was produced by Dave Fridmann and is the band’s first release of new content, being recorded from March to April 2007. Promotion for the album started as early as June 2007, when the song “Weekend Wars” was given away in summer issues of free monthly magazine Nöjesguiden in Stockholm, Sweden. Matching CDs could be picked up for free in all stores in three different shopping malls around Stockholm from June 26 to July 31. The album was also promoted with three singles: “Time to Pretend”, “Electric Feel” and “Kids”. Both “Time to Pretend” and “Kids” were re-recorded for the album; they were originally included on the band’s previous release Time to Pretend (2005), with the opening track serving as a “mission statement” and the theme continuing through the album’s subsequent tracks.
Although Oracular Spectacular never sold more than 17,000 units in a week, at least 2,000 copies per week were sold during the period from January 2008 through April 2010. The album received positive reviews from critics, who lauded its production style, musical direction and composition. It was nominated for the International Album award at the 2009 Brit Awards. In 2012, Rolling Stone ranked the album at number 494 on its list of The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time.



E.P. – “Loved the album. Heard it only once years ago, so first time properly giving it a listen.
Time to Pretend is a brilliant opener. I like how they switch from the electronic to a basic sound on other songs. Electric Feel, Kids and 4th Dimension Transition were my favourites on the album – loved all three of them in a row.
His voice on Pieces of What reminded me of Jagger’s. I loved how Of Moons, Birds & Monsters finishes with the band playing it out- very chilled.
Overall, great album.”

Ice – “I heard a few of these tunes before so I was looking forward to listening to this.
As soon as the opening tune of Time to Pretend started I remembered the tune, liked all the components of this tune.
I felt Weekend Wars was a world away from what I expected, which was a shame. The chorus of The Youth wasn’t bad I guess. Thankfully Electric Feel came along which I am a fan of. I love the collaboration of heavy drums and guitar throughout, lyrically cool, chorus is brilliant!
Kids is an absolutely sensational tune, love the flute (or whatever) in the background and alas electronica throughout this song, lyrics are pretty cool too – Whopper!
I couldn’t really make out some of the lyrics on 4th Dimensional Transition. (Have his balls dropped yet?) I did enjoy the music side of it though, especially the bongos.
For Pieces of What on paper is not my type of tune but I enjoyed it, still not sold on his squeaky vocals though.
I like the tempo of Of Moons, Birds & Monsters which got the head nodding from the start, the chorus was cool too! I loved the collaboration on this one, the guitar riffs though both intense and chilled were beast!
Handshake wasn’t for me. I’m not sure who they remind me of, some 60’s band, bad version of The Beatles perhaps?
Future Reflections was a mixed bag of all sorts, is there too much going on? When we broke through the mismash to the chorus I really enjoyed it.
Overall I’m totally torn on this one. I really enjoyed half the songs but the others I really didn’t. On some the vocal was irritating. For me they are a mixed bag, I dunno what genre they are which probably makes them unique. Thanks for putting this forward Sol, I did enjoy the three known tunes to me and I have two new tunes I like from them also.”

Mick – “Oracular Spectacular is a gem full stop. That is all.
Time to Pretend is such a great tune from the first beat and I always think very clever lyrically about wanting it all, getting it all, forgetting what you had, missing what you had, and dying. Cheery stuff to say the least.
Kids is an anthem from the Pravda (pub) days for me and always brings back great memories, never tire of hearing it I have to say.
The Youth is very chill alright and nice melody throughout and Weekend Wars I think is possibly my favourite track, just love the pace of it and really cool song at any time of the day, my album sing along for sure.
I think Electric Feel is a nice change back to a more upbeat few previous, cool guitar and bass throughout.
The little background beat in 4th Dimensional Transition is really cool throughout and I like the outro with the simple acoustic. Leading into Pieces of What, a beauty of an acoustic tune.
Without going through every song individually I find this a really good album and always enjoy listening to it. Reminds me of very good times in my life so that’s the nice side of music at times. The last few tunes maybe fizzle out a little perhaps at times.
Strangle I never really took to any of their other albums as much, few songs here or there but that’s all. Cheers Sol, great shout.”

Spud – “Great album! Reminds of when we were in Australia/NZ so good memories.
Brilliant opener in Time to Pretend and I love the pace of Weekend Wars. I would have been happy to keep up that tempo but The Youth still works so well as a little breather.
Electric Feel is hands down the best track on the album. Love the funky vibe, the constant beat to get the head nodding and the feet tapping, and the variety of instruments/sounds dropping in and out adding something different along the way.
Kids is quality too – it’s a proper anthem. It has the football chant feel to it, which is probably why it was on FIFA.
4th Dimensional Transition is my least favourite song. But Pieces of What is a beaut! So different to the other tracks with its acoustic style and probably the best non-single on the album.
It takes a bit for The Handshake to get going but the last minute and a half is deadly! If the album was a gig, I’d have been happy with it ending there and crying out for an encore. Future Reflections would not be the encore I’d want though. Instead I’d want another banger like one of the singles.
Overall the album has a nice flow and balance, and it would be a gig that I’d very much enjoy!”

Molly – “Great choice Sol! I have the CD. I remember there was massive hype over MGMT at the time, something they didn’t seem to capture! Not sure what they did to mess it up. This is a solid album, and it did solid sales.
Back to the album. Time to Pretend and Kids are great tunes. They were all over the radio waves when released as singles. Very familiar songs and will always leave them on when Radio Nova play them.
Pieces of What sounds like Bob Dylan. The singer actually does sound like him! Best song for me is Electric Feel – cool funky groove. Overall really enjoyed it.”

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  • Electric Feel
  • Pieces of What


The Midnight Organ Fight by Frightened Rabbit

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