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INTRO (from Wiki)

Daughter are an indie folk band from England. Fronted by North London native Elena Tonra (born 15 January 1990), they were formed in 2010 after the addition of Swiss-born guitarist Igor Haefeli and drummer Remi Aguilella from France.
On 1 September 2017, Daughter released their third album, titled Music From Before the Storm. The 13-track LP, mostly instrumental, was written as the soundtrack of 2017 video game Life Is Strange: Before the Storm.



Sol – “I found that album very interesting and really enjoyed it.
Glass got me really interested to see what else the album had coming, it didn’t really give much away, had a bit of a Sigur Ros feel to it, found it very relaxing to listen to.
If I didn’t know, I would have sworn Burn it Down was Florence Welch, it sounds just like her and her style, great song with excellent lyrics.
I like the piano intro to Flaws, again very relaxing to listen to, and then the little lift and vocals come in at 1:10 to bring it on, great stuff.
Breezed through Hope, ok song.
I actually thought The Right Way Around was ok but a bit repetitive so it wouldn’t have been one of my favourites on the album.
I loved Witches, the continuous couple of notes played throughout the song were class and I loved how it just built up around those notes to then quickly fade away to nothing, felt a bit like a movie score to a great scene in the film.
Departure was not too dissimilar and a good follow up to Witches, again I felt it was telling a story without any lyrics but held loads of emotion if that makes any sense.
Was glad to hear her voice again on All I Wanted, I didn’t find her sounding as much like Florence in this one.
Back to Sigur Ros for the next one, very haunting melody on this one.
I wasn’t expecting anything heavy to appear on the album, was pleasantly surprised by Dreams of William, I love when a girl shows her angry side within a song.
Not much or anything new with Improve, bit of a skipper tbh.
A Hole in the Earth, sounded like Florence again, I found it strange that her voice sounded so different throughout the album.
Overall I really enjoyed this album and found it very easy and relaxing to listen to, I thought it was basically Sigur Ros meet Florence meet Gemma Hayes, which is an amazing combo IMO.
Cheers for this one Spud, definitely a new artist for me to add to the playlists.”

Molly – “I really enjoyed this album. Had plenty of time to listen to is as I am now a bus wanker!
Sol has hit the nail on the head with the description – Flo with Sigur Ros! Best songs for me are Dreams of William, All I Wanted, Witches and Flaws.
Had a good few listens to it and didn’t get bored of it. Good shout Spud – thanks for the suggestion.”

Ice – “When Glass started it reminded me of someone’s phone alarm or ringtone going off. I like the vocal and the background music on Burn It Down, it goes well together and when the chorus kicked in it brought a smile to face, cool tune!
Flaws was interesting and eerie tune that kinda came out of nowhere and I felt went nowhere. I got more Hope with this tune mainly cause it ramped up to something bigger when the chorus kicked in. The Right Way Around was another song that had no build up just a repetitive tune throughout.
I actually enjoyed Departure. I’m starting to get in the mindset of the little light piano work bringing me to different places and it was really nice.
On All I Wanted I liked the dark music in the background with the nice vocals (Sinéad O’Connor-esque) on top, the collaboration of vocals and music chorus was very well done, I like this one
I Can’t Live Here Anymore was like Departure for me – when I really focused on the music I had loads of things swirling around my mind but most were dark unfortunately, presumably down to the dark beat and eerie background.
Dreams of William was more of the same, but I did enjoy the addition of vocals even if it was at 4mins in.
I wish this album would Improve as I have had enough songs of reflection for one day. On the turnside thankfully Voices came along with a more upbeat methodical tune which lightened my mood.
A Hole in the Earth was a good tune, maybe the best on the album, lovely vocals, cool lyrics and good supporting background music.
When I started listening to the album I was thinking they should have called the album ‘Ringtones’ due to the low toned repetitive tunes. After a few songs my mind drifted and I started to realise what their style was and what they were trying to do but it’s not really my cup of tea but intrigued all the same. Overall I cannot really criticise too much as I only got to listen to it once but I would welcome them again.”

Mick – “To be honest this album had me from the opening bar of music that I knew it was gonna be right up my street. I get the Sigur Ros similarities, but think this has a little more bite to it.
Glass started it off lovely, again sort of haunting female vocals throughout suits the style perfect. Burn it Down somehow manages to be more Portishead sounding than actually Portishead themselves which is something I would never complain about. The drums and drum machine kicking in at 1:16 is lethal. Flaws and Hope are delightfully atmospheric and right up my street for sure.
Again the melody of the winding guitar and marching drums on The Right Way Around tickles me nipples a little, in a good way of course. The start of Witches in the opening few bars brought me straight to Orbital – The Box Part 1 for some reason, doesn’t sound exactly like it or anything but kept reminding me to listen to it.
All I Wanted was a nice change of mood and pace I thought again bringing me to Beth from Portishead vocally. I Can’t Live Here Anymore has a really subtle builder the whole way throughout that fizzles out with lively bells and base rather than take off, kinda liked this as it’s a true representation of the album, it’s not one that’s gonna have you wanting to get up and dance but sit and chill or go for a walk and listen.
Voices is a lovely tune too I thought – very simple and moved with a really nice flow. I would say A Hole in the Earth is probably my favourite song on this, has a lovely vocal and sweeping movement in the song without really ever changing tone, kinda felt like a showcase of elements from all their songs wrapped into one beaut.
Definitely be listening to lots more Daughter I have to say. In terms of this album I really liked it but I thought that it had 2/3 songs too many on it, maybe at times not enough variation to the tracks when played in sequence but I thoroughly enjoy this one walking to and from work this week. Good shout again Spud.”

E.P. – “I’m somewhere between ‘meh’ and ‘like’ on this one. I think the lack of vocals on a few of the songs throws me – I find myself drifting off listening to it.
There are some good tracks though. Strong opening with Glass and Burn it Down. Hope I think was my favourite track on there. Liked the drums on Departure. A Hole in the Earth was very good too.
It was a good listen, not sure I’d jump in to listen to more of them though.”

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  • Burn it Down
  • A Hole in the Earth


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