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System of a Down is the debut studio album by Armenian-American heavy metal band System of a Down, released on June 30, 1998, by American Recordings and Columbia Records. The album was later certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America on February 2, 2000. Two years later, after the success of System of a Down’s next album, Toxicity, the album was certified platinum.



Molly – “I loved this album. Brings me back to that time we went to Ozzfest and spent €20 on a snack box and 1 bottle of coke between us. I have a soft spot for them… even after Oxegen and our feet nearly fell off!
Suite-Pee is a good opening to the album. War? is my fav tune on the album followed closely by Mind – the base line is hypnotic.
Overall I enjoyed the album – a strong 8.5 from the Molly.”

Mick – “I can say if I had not of heard some of their stuff before I would have really struggled and probably wouldn’t have given this a chance after hearing the opening few bars. That being said I had heard them and even though they are heavier than I would normally listen to I find them completely infectious. His voice is so so unique and as the master (that’s you E.P.) always says if you can get over a voice and hear the talent of them musically you will be impressed. The fact that these have ‘THE’ voice and music is a bonus here. I did struggle at times to recognise a thing he was saying in certain songs whether it be music too loud or voice to shouty.
I really like the frantic pace but they use really sweet stops with cool baselines or like the riff in Know about 30 seconds in. Sugar is a funky bastard – really like it. It reminds me of early Chili Peppers at stages. Again really cool stops throughout. I defo think Suggestions is my favourite. It has everything from this album squashed into 2:44 of music gold. His voice again is phenomenal but love how the mellow tune ebbs and flows between the heavier stuff. Strange helium voice at times but. Did really like Spiders too probably their most radio-friendly song but more like one or two off the Toxicity album I heard before. Again his voice. War? and Peephole were cool tunes too I have to say. CUBErt interested me too, great intro, snappy short and sweet.
That being said, as much as I like it this is probably something I would like to listen to now and again cause some of the songs are way too heavy for me, the likes of P.L.U.C.K. and Mind at times had me reaching for the holy water if I’m honest.
Defo outta my comfort zone this album but had elements I liked for sure and really enjoyed the listen but do prefer the more, what seems to me, radio-friendly Toxicity of theirs. Good shout this week bud, cheers.”

Spud – “The opening track really sets the tone for the album; short song with an abrupt ending, heavy guitars and drums, fast pace getting even more frantic with some lulls in-between, rangey vocal comprising shouting, screaming, and expletives. Then basically repeat that formula for another dozen songs.
Sugar stood out a bit, mainly due to the way he sings the word “sugaaa” and the funky guitar. Not sure what that squeaky voice bit in Suggestions is all about! Spiders actually doesn’t follow the formula. It’s more of a rock ballad but I still didn’t like it.
Peephole was a bit different with its playful, sort of fairground tune. Maybe even the lyrics were referring to a rollercoaster:
Don’t you ever get stuck in the sky
If I was forced to choose, this and Sugar were my favourite songs. Or the two that weren’t as bad as the rest. P.L.U.C.K. was ok in parts too. But that’s really pushing it.
I didn’t enjoy the album because I never seemed to be in the mood to listen to it. To be honest, I don’t really know what mood is the right one, not a good one anyway! Even with VAR fucking football up, I still didn’t hate the world enough to want to listen to System Of A Down.”

Ice – “I’m aware of Chop-Suey which I’m a fan of so I was interested to see what these are capable of…
For the start of Suite-Pee you get hit with the high intensity. For a heavy metal band you can see this guy is not just a screamer but has good vocal. The musicians are brilliant! The drum intro to Know was class and it built from there, all elements were on point, another head nodder! I love the hi-strings on Sugar and the metal ramp at the end is class. Suggestions was a fun tune, when the metal kicked in which reminded me of a Matrix track. I liked that he got to show all the different side of his vocal on Spiders, cool tune. DDevil was the first song that didn’t do it for me, perhaps a bit too heavy. There was a stage in Soil (1:50) were each gap between the lyrics was filled with a different medley, then followed by a whopper guitar riff, class! War? wasn’t bad. Mind reminded me a bit of The Doors at the start with the chilled intro then it flipped to some part where I cannot understand, the lyrics are very heavy but then the guitar is cool so I have mixed feelings on it. Peephole was an interesting tune showing their diversity. Like Mick, I thought CUBErt was pretty cool, short and snappy. P.L.U.C.K. was another head nodder but I don’t like the screams where I dunno what he is saying. That said, when he starts making sense I like it a lot more.
I agree with Spud, I would need to be in a certain mood to listen to this, it’s defo not for the morning. Overall they are great at what they do and I know why you like the band. I needed to listen to it in parts as it’s soo heavy which I’m not used to. There are a few (mainly Know, Soil, Suggestions, Sugar) I would welcome hearing again but none came close to Chop Suey for me. I’m happy I got to hear more of their tunes though, thanks!”

Sol – “I enjoyed this sometimes throughout the week and in small doses. As mentioned I listen to music mainly in the morning or on the way home and I just needed calm last week if that makes sense.
Without doubt these are some serious musicians. As mentioned by Mick, if you can get by the vocals, I find I enjoy it way more. I don’t particularly like the screaming parts or the stupid voice in some of the songs.
I prefer the style in Know, the guitar and especially the drums throughout are pretty class.
Sugar was ok in parts but annoyed me.
Suggestions was pretty much the same, some really cool music which ticks a lot of boxes for me but tainted with moments of shite by the lead singer.
I was waiting on a song like Spiders to come along and it got me from the start, I really enjoyed the stripped back sound and his vocals in this, I actually thought he sounded a bit like Pearl Jam. This was my Nothing Else Matters from this album, by far my favourite song.
Pity DDevil was back to some of his shite again, deadly music again though.
Some savage bass playing at the start of Soil, I love this type of heavy metal. The 2 min mark is just asking for the crowd to lose their shit at the gig, loving the guitar riffs toward the end. This was my second favourite song.
Quite enjoyed War? also, good follow up to Soil, strange backing vocals, reminded me a bit of Druids or something, but I liked it as the guitar built up in tempo.
Too much going on in Mind for me to enjoy it fully.
I did like P.L.U.C.K., enjoyed the little slower pace in the middle knowing very well it would kick off again for the ending.
All in all, I wouldn’t say I loved it as an album but I’m very conscious that my mood after work last week played a big part on me. I’m gonna go off and listen to some of their other stuff like Toxicity and Lonely Day, there is definitely something here that I can get on board with.
I will definitely take Spiders and Soil from this album and I’m glad you put it up as I don’t think I would have listened to them otherwise.
On a bit of a different note on this album, I really the album cover, seems simple but very powerful and can be interpreted different ways.”

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  • Sugar
  • Spiders


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