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Currents is the third studio album by Australian band Tame Impala. It was released on 17 July 2015 by Modular Recordings and Universal Music Australia, Interscope Records in the United States, and Fiction Records and Caroline International in other international regions. Like the group’s previous two albums, Currents was written, recorded, performed, and produced by primary member Kevin Parker. For the first time, Parker mixed the music and recorded all instruments by himself; the album featured no other collaborators.
After the release of the group’s previous album, Lonerism (2012), Parker began work on Currents, largely recording at his home studio in Fremantle. He engrossed himself with writing and recording, and in keeping with his reputation as a musical auteur, laboured over the details of each song, ultimately causing the release date to be delayed by two months. In contrast to the psychedelic rock sound of the project’s prior work, Currents marks a shift to more dance-oriented music, with more emphasis placed on synthesisers than guitars. Parker was inspired to seek a change out of desire to hear Tame Impala’s music played in dance clubs and a more communal setting. Thematically, the record is about the process of personal transformation, which many critics interpreted to be the result of a romantic break-up. The album’s cover art depicting vortex shedding is a visualisation of these themes.
Currents was preceded by the release of the singles “Let It Happen” and “‘Cause I’m a Man”. It became the group’s best charting release, debuting at number one in Australia, number three in the United Kingdom, and at number four in the United States. Currents has sold over 120,000 copies in North America as of December 2015. Like its predecessors, the album received critical acclaim, and appeared on various critics’ year-end lists of the best albums of 2015. At the 2015 ARIA Music Awards, Currents was awarded Best Rock Album and Album of the Year, while at the 58th Annual Grammy Awards, it was nominated for Best Alternative Music Album.



Ice – “Thanks for putting this forward. Never heard of these before. From the start I liked the beat to Let It Happen followed by the vocal with a euphoric background, vocals remind me of MGMT with a slash of Daft Punk, good tune! Interesting to see the snippet that is Nangs as 2nd tune but a nice break due to the euphoric tune – lie back, put your feet up and breath! The Moment is cool, these seem to have a wide variety of tunes going on which is great, vocal suits the music well too!
Thank you so much Spud – I LOVE Yes I’m Changing. What an amazing song in every respect. I’m so happy I came across it! I repeated it again and again, absolute gold! Eventually carries the theme on nicely about the breakup and moving on, was another cool tune, great vocals yet again. The Less I Know The Better is a catchy funky tune, very clever lyrics, very well put together and I get a vibe of Michael Jackson off it (check out the video!). I’m not sure if the deep voice is needed on Past Life, the other vocal and music is class! Cause I’m A Man is another cool tune, these guys have them in abundance! The chorus is brill! Reality In Motion wasn’t bad but I thought Love/Paranoia was great, hit vocal goes so well with the euphoric music! New Person, Same Old Mistakes wasn’t bad but in all truth I was waiting for it to be over so I could go back and play Yes I’m Changing on repeat!
Overall thanks a mill, I would understand if someone said it was a little repetitive, some songs are similar, but for me I loved the album and have a lifelong love for Yes I’m Changing. Would defo go and see these next time they are back!”

Sol – “I’m afraid I wasn’t too impressed as an album as a whole. I like some of the chilled out vibe throughout the songs but I found the album too much to listen to in one go. I thought the opener Let It Happen started good but then took on a Eurovision type sound to it which turned me off.
I found the songs a little same samey. I heard bits of Michael Jackson, Daft Punk (slowed down version), The Weekend and various boy bands throughout the album.
Apart from the talking, I did enjoy Past Life.
Cause I’m a Man, reminded me a bit of a James Vincent McMorrow song, Rising Waters. This was probably my favourite song on the album, funky chilled out beat.
Using your line of thinking, I could not imagine this album transferring to a gig at all.
Love/Paranoia had a decent ending to it and I like the heavy bass beat in New Person, Same Old Mistakes but not quite his voice in it.
Cheers anyway Spud, as always it’s good to hear someone new and current, gives me some street cred with the young punks on the block. Maybe some of his other work will grow on me.”

Molly – “Never heard any of their stuff before. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be their biggest fan. Bit like Sol, I thought the album was very samey. I felt myself waiting for songs to kick into gear but I get that’s their style.
Some of the songs remind me of Mundy – he definitely had a tune to the beat of Nangs. Best tunes for me were The Less I Know The Better – good beat, funky vibe, and Nangs – down to the flashback to Mundy.
Overall I can see why people listen, just not my cup of tea.”

E.P. – “I’d have to agree with Sol and Molly on this one. While I didn’t hate it, I found there was little to get excited about.
The opening song is too long. There’s a point around the 3 mins 50 mark, I was nearly going to ‘check the CD’ because I thought it was stuck. The Moment was a nice one to nod along to. Best song on the album for me was The Less I Know The Better, liked that one.
I get the MGMT sound Ice mentioned. Haven’t a clue what he’s on about with Yes I’m Changing… sounded the same as the rest of them to me. I’d give this a meh.”

Mick – “I have to say I’m still not sure what I make of this. I really like some of the sounds they make, strange and funky and really whirly electronic at times.
Kinda agree that maybe Let It Happen is a little long but I didn’t get bored of it by any stretch. Nangs is very lounging about lift music, or the music for being on hold in a doctor’s office. Few filler-ins after that I thought but I loved the way This Moment just finishes – I had to check I didn’t pull out my headphones it was so abrupt. Quite enjoyed Gossip little interlude, very trippy sounds going on there. Past Life has the touch of the Daft Punks off the opening of the track but then goes askew a bit.
Disciples actually gave me a big Belle and Sebastian vibe from it. The Less I Know The Better is probably my favourite track on the album, really liked the funky bass in it and it seemed to keep an upbeat tempo throughout.
I definitely didn’t mind them but not enough there to blow me away. Will be listening to them again for sure. Biggest disappointment for me was that some of the songs built really well musically but instead of taking off it plateaus. That’s their sound but I prefer the builders myself.
Cheers for that Spud constantly hearing about them but never listened to them.”

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  • The Moment
  • The Less I Know The Better


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