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INTRO (from Wiki)

Greatest Hits 1990–1999: A Tribute to a Work in Progress… is a compilation album by the American rock band The Black Crowes, released June 20, 2000 by American Recordings & Columbia Records. It features material from all of their studio albums up to that point, and reached #143 on the Billboard 200.



Mick – “Have to say I never heard of them before so always glad to have a listen to something new.
Jealous Again was a nice opener with some nice piano moments. Sounded very like a Matchbox Twenty or something from The Commitments I thought.
Go Faster was cool, lots going on musically with some sweet guitar throughout. They have a very well rounded sound for sure – can tell they are a well put together group of musicians.
Kickin’ My Heart Around was a catchy tune, real sing-along sound to it and the harmonica (correct me if I’m wrong) in the middle of the song was great.
Good Friday was a nice welcome break and change of sound, mellow track I enjoyed. She Talks To Angels was the same, really simple musically and vocally but enjoyable.
I like Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye – really nice harmonies but I will admit his scream made me jump the first time I listened to it, didn’t expect it at all.
I’d say my favourite track was Wiser Time. I really liked the piano and guitar solos in it.
I would say overall I did kinda struggle with this, not really my of cup of tea at all, I found them very same same throughout. The guy’s voice is really nice and very strong but I didn’t feel like anything really jumped out as something different musically or song-wise. Maybe that’s down to being a greatest hits that they have all the same sounds on here. Maybe an album might have had a bit more variety to it. Glad for the listen but defo a meh for me.”

Ice – “Never heard of these but from the start of Jealous Again I had the head nodding – surprised it was a nice light happy tune given the title. I liked all components of this one.
On Twice As Hard I love the guitar riff and vocal throughout, another good tune! I also enjoyed Hard To Handle with yet again its upbeat soft rock.
Remedy was decent, I liked the guitar and drums together with light piano in the background but the girl singing didn’t do it for me, love the solo riff two thirds of the way through though.
Love the intro to Sting Me setting it up to be a great tune and it delivered! Loved everything about this tune including the girls supporting this time.
I thought Thorn In My Pride had everything, cool how it was a chilled song but still built up to a good guitar medley in the middle before going back to the chilled vocal, very well done!
Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye was a nice chilled song, I got to have a good listen to his great vocals on this one.
A Conspiracy was a cool funky tune. I got more of a hint of country from Wiser Time – I like the chorus and guitar collaboration near the end.
Like the harmonica and love the group vocal chorus on Good Friday. With Blackberry they were back to their upbeat soft rock style which I like the most.
The guitar solo in the middle of Kickin’ My Heart Around was beast, another great tune! Go Faster was worth the wait, love everything about this tune, prob my fav, got a hint of AC/DC off it!
Only A Fool was yet another positive easy to listen to tune, they have these in surplus! It was nice to finish off with By Your Side where yet again the vocals, lyrics and music delivered.
Overall I loved the upbeat tunes at the start and end of the album, the more chilled tunes in the middle weren’t as good but I guess healthy for the structure of the album. I feel a lot of the songs sounded the same but that said there was not one song I disliked! If these were still gigging I think I’d really enjoy seeing them! In my mind I’d love to listen to this while cruising down Route 66 with the top down, with the last follicles of hair on my head blowing in the wind, head nodding and a broad smile across my face. Thanks again, really enjoyed it Molly.”

E.P. – “I’d agree with Mick for the most part Molly, but I think I probably liked it a bit more.
Jealous Again is a great catchy opener. Hard To Handle is a nice cover (that’s from the Commitments by the way Mick). I liked Remedy a lot… prob my favourite on the album. Good Friday was really good… reminded me of Wild Horses by the Stones or Tuesday’s Gone. Go Faster was good too.
Ice is right, definitely catchy and quick at the start and end, with slower songs in the middle. Overall I liked a lot of it but, like Mick, no tune really jumped out at me as classic or really memorable.”

Sol – “The Black Crowes were a band my brother used to listen to but I had never listened to them. I was delighted that you put them up as I always meant to give them a listen to – they reminded me of The Counting Crows and Pearl Jam.
Good opener with Jealous Again – love the piano throughout it, his voice is very easy listening.
Liked She Talks To Angels, he seemed to have a bit of grit in his vocals in this one that I thought was lacking in some other songs.
Hard To Handle, great song that I never knew that they sang, I see Otis Redding actually wrote it (along with others), great classic song.
I like Remedy. I actually liked the girls backing vocals in it, although it had some good guitar riffs and a bit of emotion in the vocals, I feel they could have let loose and went off on one a little more.
Love the blues feel to Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye – very much up my street. This is probably one of the songs on the album that stood out for me and it’s my favourite from the album. Sorta had a Still in Love with You by Thin Lizzy sound to it.
Kickin’ My Heart Around and Go Faster were a great little duo together and I did love the harmonica and the upbeat throughout. Were these two from the same era/album as they have a similar feel to them?
Basically I found it a very easy-listening album, as mentioned, it had that greatest hits feel, which is a great introduction to a band but as an album, it doesn’t have that normal flow from start to finish. There wasn’t one song that I disliked on it, but overall I felt a lot of it was pretty much the same and they are obviously great singers and musicians but I personally thought they were a little too polished and lacked a bit of grit that I like to hear within a band.
Thanks for putting them up and getting us to listen to them, I think I’m gonna go off and listen to their albums, they obviously have a lot going for them so I’m interested to see what they have.”

Spud – “As this is a greatest hits, I see this as more of a band review than an album review. And I get too much Country off them, or “Southern rock” as Wiki describes The Black Crowes.
There wasn’t any songs on there that I hated, but also nothing that I loved. Those middle-of-the-road songs I did like were the more bluesy ones, such as Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye and A Conspiracy. My favourite song is definitely Hard To Handle, which as a cover says it all really.”

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  • Remedy
  • Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye


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