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INTRO (from Wiki)

Jack Lukeman (born Seán Loughman 11 February 1973), usually simply known as Jack L, is an Irish songwriter, musician, record producer, vocal artist and broadcaster.
Lukeman first came to prominence in the summer of 1995 when he and The Black Romantics took up a residency at The Da Club (Dublin Arts Club) in Dublin selling out night after night. The band’s set included interpretations of the famous Belgium Bard Jacques Brel along with several of Jack’s own compositions. The band recorded the album Wax in 1995 before splitting in 1997.
Fear Is The Key is the only Lukeman original on the album, the rest comprising of covers of Brel’s best known songs.



Spud – “The less I say about this one the better. Most of the songs sounded like they belonged in a bad rock opera or stage musical. I can imagine his songs as the backing music for an illusionist’s show, like Siegfried & Roy. He actually sings about magicians in My Death and casting spells in The Lockman!
Then there’s Jackie – a kind of wannabe Rat Pack cabaret song. It’s really weird that this and Amsterdam are “live”, with clapping at the beginning and end. The Devil (Okay) is in the same style as Amsterdam, a sort of Gypsy sea shanty, and the music’s good (it has a Gogol Bordello feel off it) but I didn’t like the lyrics.
He can clearly sing, but his voice is too polished and theatrical for my liking.”

E.P. – “I have to say I found this album fairly ‘meh’. I don’t think he’s as good a singer as he thinks he is. Found most of it bland.
It got going a bit around Amsterdam which I liked. My favourite on the album was Un Ami Pleure – love yer woman’s voice, and French language is great to hear on any song. I liked The Devil (Okay) as well. Those 3 songs in a row stopped me from disliking it overall.
Nice change of pace from your other choices, but not really a Premier League standard for me.”

Molly – “Overall not my cup of tea. His voice is good but it makes me think he is trying to sing like Nick Cave.
Best tunes for me are Amsterdam and The Devil (Okay). The lyrics in the latter are quite clever!
Overall I’d go 6 stars.”

Sol – “I’m a bit torn on this album. I can definitely hear the Nick Cave and Rat Pack sound in the songs, however, I think he wants to be both which doesn’t work for me. Without knowing the guy’s background, I would not be surprised if he was a Billy Barry kid and is classically trained in singing as it comes across very stage production like.
There are some great lyrics and parts of songs were ok but really struggled to listen to the entire album right through.
I liked the opening song and I thought his voice tamed down at the beginning was good. I love Rat Pack/Bublé style but I dislike Musical Stage performance and this guy treads the line between both.
Fannette wasn’t bad either, he toned down the dramatics for this one and I think it worked.
My favourite tune was Un Ami Pleure which really says it all, as he doesn’t vocally feature in it but the piano is great on it.
Surprised by you suggesting this one Ice, wouldn’t have thought this was your cup of tea but anyways, thanks for something new.”

Mick – “I absolutely didn’t enjoy the first listen because I compared him as a kinda of poor Nick Cave substitute, a Tesco whiskey to a 12 year 5 star Tyrconnell or such. I pushed through a few more listens and found little nice bits throughout.
I actually really enjoyed If We Only Had Love, thought lyrically and vocally it was a lovely song. Then I listened to the rest and it seemed like he threw it on outta nowhere, doesn’t fit at all in the album.
Defo get the sea shanty vibe as someone said from it. The more I listened to it I wanted it to make sense as a story throughout the album but it seemed to be a mishmash. Would have been so much better flowing as a story throughout. I think he defo has the storytelling aspect down and I get you saying he takes you on a journey a bit, just wish it continued into the next songs after the song finished.
It’s atmospheric alright and I thought the addition of the French female vocalist piqued my interest a little in If You Go Away but again it never really took off for me the rest of the song.
I enjoyed The Devil (Okay) as a stand-alone song, it was a foot tapper. Amsterdam too was a real story song I got into and pictured out the lyrics a few mornings walking to work.
Defo favourite song was Un Ami Pleure. Really beautiful song from start to finish, such a lovely vocal and really felt like I didn’t need to know what she was saying, maybe it was best I didn’t, but great song.
Again overall I didn’t hate it by any stretch, I just wished it made more sense as an album, there was a big gap in between the good songs and the bad. I will defo give this a few more listens in the future but overall a meh I’d say. Glad for the listen bud, cheers for that.”

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  • Amsterdam
  • The Devil (Okay)


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