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Acolyte is the debut studio album by the English alternative dance band Delphic, released by Polydor Records on 11 January 2010. It was recorded mostly in Ewan Pearson’s Berlin studio. The album was released in Australia and New Zealand on 22 January via Modular and in the United States on 29 June 2010 by Dangerbird Records.



Mick – “I had only heard this album of theirs before and it was only 1 listen so was looking forward to this. I think there may of been a reason I never went back in hindsight.
Clarion Call is a super start to the album I must say. I like his voice throughout the tune and a bit if an epic change over at the 1:15 mark is great. Big auld guitar to finish the tune, really liked this one.
Doubt has a great start again for about 30 seconds but I thought the tune kinda faded into mediocrity after that, bit disappointing be be fair.
Red Lights and Halcyon (we all know there is only one – Orbital wins this strange name one with Halcyon On and On) were both a bit meh for me.
Acolyte was about the song on the album that I realised I felt the album was getting very same same and I was starting to find it tough to listen too. Like this song but I reckon like The Presets a few weeks ago I think I might prefer some of the tunes without the vocals.
Submission was a good tune but just as it seemed to get to the make or break of the song the auld reliable reverb guitar came out and sorta smothered it a little. Counterpoint was a cool tune, nice beat the whole way through.
The very different Ephemera was one of my favs – I liked the chillout-ness of it. Remain is probably my second favourite tune on this, no over the top guitar and a solid nice beat and little subtle drumming intros throughout. Some nice piano too.
This Momentary is defo my favourite tune, cool lyrics and a real builder of a tune. The bass riff is cool at the start, intro of the cymbals at about the 1 minute mark is a great tension builder cause ya know it’s gonna go off at the end of that. Really like this one.
Overall I defo didn’t mind it for a listen but I’m not sure it offered me enough in our ‘I only have time to listen to an album once and if it doesn’t get me straight away it’s out’ to warrant going back to very often. Glad to have a listen but.”

Ice – “Never heard of these but from the start of This Momentary (the order of the tracks was different for me) I liked the lyrics and then the electronic beats kicked in and boom Ice is happy! Cool euphoric tune!
Loving the tune again on Doubt in the background and haven’t come across vocals over music like this before, it works really well – another good tune!
Clarion Call gets the No.1 spot for me, with a slow ramp-up to banging drums which was brilliant, have me goosebumps! Then a deadly electric guitar riff to top it off! BOOM!
I love the variation of the electronics in the background of Halcyon, vocals and drums. Super!
Loved the start of Counterpoint, right into deep electronica, the lyrics added to it as it went along, cool interlude then back into it! Great tune!
The background tune to Submission reminded me of snow falling for some reason, yet another great tune with cool lyrics. Remain had good lyrics but only scored average compared to the rest.
Took a while to get into Acolyte but when it got there it was worth the wait, another mash of tantalising electronica with cool voice-over. Loved the 2nd wave too which had a buildup theme about it. It got 2nd spot for me!
Then they signed off nicely with Red Lights which I thought would be chilled but it turnout quite zippy and methodical, another good tune.
Overall this is 100% up my street – thanks a million! I’m defo a fan of these! I loved the album and would love to see these live!”

Spud – “Wasn’t taken with the opening track, but songs 2 and 3 (both singles) I’d heard before and think are two of the best on the album. This Momentary even has a bit of Samba De Janeiro thrown in!
I didn’t like Red Lights and Acolyte started well but just went on a bit for me.
Halcyon (another single) is a good song and I thought I was getting back into the album but… as soon as Submission started I knew I wouldn’t like it. To be fair its second half is better but it kinda sums up the album – inconsistent.
Similar theme with Counterpoint except I liked the beginning but, as with Acolyte, went on too long that I’d had enough of it.
There’s nothing to say about Ephemera but the final track, Remain, was a great tune to finish on – nice and chill. Definitely the best find from the album for me.
Overall not really my cup of tea but could easily have it on in the background at work.”

Molly – “Sorry to say I didn’t really take to this album. Two stand-outs for me were Acolyte and Submission, but I don’t think I’d go back to them.”

Sol – “I found it alright and easy to listen to, I often find “dance” albums a little too much in their entirety.
The opener Clarion Call grabbed my attention straight away, nice build up so I was interested to see what the rest of the album was gonna bring.
Doubt actually sounded familiar to me, was ok but I thought the chorus was a bit too poppy for me.
Love the 90’s cymbals in the next, more of a old school vibe to this but would have preferred less vocals throughout it.
Red Lights is pretty forgettable, that was a skipper for me.
I thought Acolyte had a bit of a Daft Punk feel to it, although it’s a bit lengthy, I prob liked this song most.
Just gonna skip forward to Remain as none of the ones in between really did anything for me. I liked this one also, nice chilled by the beach vibe to it.
Overall the album was meh but with one or two that I’d take from it to add it the playlist.”

E.P. – “I definitely thought there was enough here for me to like this album. Loved Clarion Call as an opener… think if they’d maintained that sound through the whole album I’d have loved it. I liked Doubt too (got a bit of the Cure vibe off the guitar in parts).
I think I’m in the minority… I actually thought Red Lights was quite easy to listen to and stayed in the head a bit. Acolyte did go on a bit. Got a Cure sound off Submission as well. Loved Counterpoint, thought it was very good. About as much of a dance tune as I could like.
Overall, enjoyed a good amount of the album.”

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  • Clarion Call
  • Remain


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