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How to Be a Human Being is the second studio album by English indie rock group Glass Animals. It was released on 26 August 2016 by Wolf Tone and Caroline International in Europe, and Harvest Records in the United States. The album received critical acclaim for its “sense of wonder”, and “immediate impression”, though it was also met with some mixed reactions, from critics who felt it was somewhat premature. There are a total of 11 songs on the track listing, along with 11 characters illustrated on the cover art. Each song, along with its unique personality and quirks, represents a person on the album. The album was nominated for the 2017 Mercury Prize.



Mick – “Never heard of them myself at all I have to say so always nice to listen to someone new. The opener, Life Itself, I thought was a great tune, loved the beat the whole way through and the vocals are really cool. Reminded me of a band Solid Gold I used to listen to.
I’m afraid that’s kinda where I stopped really enjoying the album. It’s not that I hated it it just didn’t grab me at all. Musically there is some cool bits but there are too many let downs vocally for me. I know it’s not rap music at all but has a vibe at times of some.
Cane Shuga has a great beat the whole way through but again not interested at all in the vocals.
[Premade Sandwiches] bizzarely enough I kinda liked everytime I heard it. Pork Soda gave me nothing but Agnes wasn’t the worst, really chill tune. Poplar Street has a funky winding guitar loop throughout I liked. Season 2 Episode 3 has some cool music again but vocally didn’t do much for me.
Take A Slice has a bit of a bonkers layout to the song, very up and down which I like at stages. There is a secret eater in the band I reckon with the amount of food references made throughout!
Can’t see myself going back to this to be honest but cheers for the listen, just not my bag.”

Sol – “Glass Animals are all new for me, never even heard of them. From the first song, Life Itself, I can admit that I forged an opinion that I’m not gonna really like these, and I wasn’t far off, they are just not really my thing. Saying that the more I listened to them during the week, I found them more tolerable and enjoyed part of some of their songs but never really got wowed or found myself wanting to listen to the album for any long period of time. I think I’d prefer the album if they didn’t sing or speak on it, as they have some deadly beats throughout, perfect example being Take A Slice.
Parts of the album were reminiscent of Justin Timberlake (Cane Shuga – Cry Me A River).
Mama’s Gun and Cane Shuga were prob the best songs for me.”

Ice – “Thanks for putting this forward – never heard of these so I was intrigued! The tribal beats at the start of Life Itself followed by a cool vocal and loved the chorus when it came, great tune! Then Youth reaffirmed that this guy has a cool voice, love the mix of his voice and music in the background and it’s great the way they make it work with the chilled tune, guitar and the electronic rhythm in the background.
Season 2 Episode 3 was very different in contrast to the first two songs but not bad, liked the lyrics. On Pork Soda it was good to hear a little more of his range – cool tune with catchy chorus. For Mama’s Gun I never thought I’d say this but I loved the flute! What a cool tune, very well put together, super song! I was a bit let down with Cane Shuga after Mama’s Gun!
[Premade sambos] was interesting!? I liked the cool music collaboration on the chorus of The Other Side Of Paradise and Take A Slice. I like the guitar riff on Poplar Street and good lyrics, cool tune. Last but by no means least I enjoyed everything about Agnes – it was a nice one to round off the album, uplifting!
The lyrics throughout were very clever. That guy has a cool sexy voice, made me wet! The whole album was easy to listen to, musically this was brilliant, it sounded like it had a variation of 101 instruments! Could he stretch his voice more? Maybe, or maybe it’s not their style. Same as Sol, I feel like the more I listen to this the more I like it. Great choice, thanks for the introduction!”

E.P. – “This wasn’t for me at all. Struggled through two listens. Nothing jumped out for me at all. Not my type of music anyway, but I still didn’t get any feel for anything off it at all. If I could have a stronger vote than ‘dislike’ I would.”

Molly – “Not really my cup of tea Spud I am afraid. Some good tunes but I wouldn’t go back right away to listen. Agree with Sol on Cane Shuga, could defo have been used as a sample on Cry Me A River. Also when I heard Life Itself, I though about White Town – Your Woman. That kind of tinted my view, I can’t take to that tune! I did like Mama’s Gun and Youth but other than that I was left a bit meh.”

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  • Mama’s Gun
  • Agnes


Apocalypso by The Presets

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