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Version 2.0 is the second studio album by American rock band Garbage. It was released on May 4, 1998, by Almo Sounds. With this album, the band aimed to improve and expand upon the style of their 1995 eponymous debut rather than reinventing their sound. Lead singer Shirley Manson wrote dark, introspective lyrics, which she felt complemented the songs’ melodies.
Version 2.0 was a commercial success, topping the charts in the United Kingdom, France, and New Zealand, and earning platinum certifications in several countries. The album has sold 1.7 million copies in the United States and four million copies worldwide. Garbage embarked on an 18-month-long world tour, and released a string of commercially successful singles backed with innovative music videos. Version 2.0 received generally positive reviews from critics, and was included on year-end lists of 1998’s best albums by several publications. In 1999, it was nominated for Grammy Awards for Album of the Year and Best Rock Album. The album’s third single “Special” was further nominated the following year for Best Rock Song and for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group.



Mick – “I have to say I have never listened to a Garbage album before, although they are quite easily recognisable by Shirley’s voice and their sound. I probably have only heard about 3 songs of theirs I’d say.
Temptation Waits is a cool opener. I really like her voice and it has such a mid 90’s sound to it I have to say, brought me back.
I Think I’m Paranoid is a great tune too, love the guitar and vocals around the chorus. It’s a real foot tapper of a tune. Goes nicely off the wall a bit at 2:10 coming back to the chorus. Me likey.
Right from the start I think I knew When I Grow Up was my favourite tune. Again a great tempo and drums throughout, and cool sing along song. I did laugh out load at the lyric:
‘Happy hours and golden showers on a cruise to freak you out’
Special was a cool tune too I must say but after a great 4 opening tracks I kinda started to hear songs blend into each other a bit.
Hammering In My Head is the definition of a 90’s crossover of rock with the elements of dance creeping into more to the songs.
The Trick Is to Keep Breathing was a welcome break and I liked this too – simple and chill, and so was You Look So Fine.
Sleep Together is great too especially the first 25 seconds were really sweet and the song didn’t disappoint after which was good.
Defo enjoyed this Molly, gonna look up some more of them but in the hope of them not sounding too similar in the rest of the albums. Cheers”

Ice – “I have heard a few of their tunes that weren’t bad so looking forward to listening to this…
Noticed her sexy voice in Temptation Waits and when the chorus kicked in my eyebrows rose, I thought these were a standard rock band but I guess not, loving the little electronica they have going on, cool tune!
I heard I Think I’m Paranoid loads of times before, good tune, like the heavy guitar in the background and love the two sides of the chorus, heavy to light, it’s deadly!
Wow, When I Grow Up is a flashback from the past, reminds of me of Avril Lavigne even though I’m sure she probably copied this! Classic tune, brings back memories.
For me Medication was a breather song. I liked Special both vocally and with the supporting guitar. The first half of Hammering In My Head reminded me a little of The Prodigy with grungy electronica in the background. The second half showed that sexy voice of hers.
I like the cool guitar riff during the chorus of Push It. I didn’t think I’d like The Trick Is to Keep Breathing as it was much slower but I did really enjoy the song, nice lyrics and music complemented it nicely.
Dumb had the head nodding from the start, loved when the guitar kicked in too. I actually loved the guitar work throughout on this tune with drums in the background reminding me a bit of Linkin Park, don’t think the lyrics suit it though
Sleep Together is another cool tune, I liked all elements of it! Wicked Ways came and went for me. You Look So Fine was a bit slow for me but again a good tune, like the light piano in the background too.
Overall thanks a million for putting this forward Molly, I was surprised to know a few of them and happy to be introduced to the others. Great choice!”

Sol – “I enjoyed this album also. I had only ever listened to their first album (Garbage) but I recognized a few songs from this album. Like Mick said, they just have that 90’s sound throughout the album.
Good opener with her distinctive voice. I knew I Think I’m Paranoid, great little tune, great guitar at the beginning.
When I Grow Up is just 90’s in a song, a bit more pop than their others but very catchy, can see this being used in teen Rom-Com movies from the time.
I like Medication, I think this is the style of theirs that I like most, really suits her voice by allowing the emotion come through, simple guitar also through the verses and then kicks off a bit for the chorus.
I’m undecided on Special and Hammering In My Head, didn’t really stand out for me and some days I thought they were ok and others I just skipped by them.
Really liked the chorus of Push It. The Trick Is to Keep Breathing has some cool vibes throughout it, I’m thinking keyboard. Mick has it spot on with the ‘chill’ description.
Totally different for Dumb, I enjoyed the electronic sound here, last 30 seconds are deadly. Was happy Sleep Together kept up that tempo.
You Look So Fine was a nice mellow song to finish on, sorta reminded me of the Aqua song, Turn Back Time, from Sliding Doors.
Although I enjoyed the album, I wasn’t bowled over by it but did enjoy listening to more of their songs. I thinks it’s an album I’ll pull a few songs from but not listen to right through again. I think I prefer their first album (Garbage). “

Spud – “Honestly haven’t heard a song from Garbage in years and I’d forgotten what they sounded like. From what I remembered I was not expecting songs like Hammering In My Head and Dumb! I think the electronic/techno elements in those songs and others aren’t really for me.
I liked opening two tracks, but #3 When I Grow Up is too poppy and I get the Avril Lavigne reference from Ice.
Joining Temptation Waits and I Think I’m Paranoid in the top three is The Trick Is to Keep Breathing. There’s a lot less going on in this track and its simplicity is its strength.
I also liked the more rocky Wicked Ways but the whole woman scorned theme in some of the songs wears thin on me for a whole album.
She has a good voice, the lyrics are ok, the tunes are decent but like Sol, not enough stands out so I’m on the fence with this one.”

E.P. – “I liked the album too, same as the rest of the lads. I do think it’s a stronger first half though. Knew all the singles from when they were first out, so nice throwback with all them. Special is my favourite from them. On the second half, I liked Push It and You Look So Fine was a good finisher. Overall, good 90’s throwback.”

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  • I Think I’m Paranoid
  • The Trick Is to Keep Breathing


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