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Glasvegas is the debut studio album by the Scottish indie rock band Glasvegas, first released in the UK on 8 September 2008 by Columbia Records. The album was produced by lead singer James Allan and Rich Costey (Muse, Franz Ferdinand). The album sold 56,000 copies in its first week of release and reached number 2 on the UK Albums Chart. The album was nominated for Best International Album at the 2008 Swedish Rockbjörnen awards, Best Album at the 2009 NME Awards and the 2009 Mercury Prize. On 25 September 2009 the album was certified Platinum by the BPI, and it has sold over 300,000 copies in the UK.



Ice – “I knew a few of their songs previously thanks to you so I was looking forward to this. I have played loads of Daddy’s Gone and I love everything about it, great song! Flowers & Football Tops – Good song, love the You Are My Sunshine interlude which he sang very well.
It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry is a whopper tune. I had to play it back again and again, super lyrics and sensational vocals! I liked Go Square Go more and more as it went along. I got a flashback of school, did need to look up the lyrics unfortunately.
Geraldine has to be my fav tune on the album. I love the guitar kickstarting this song and then the drums kick in! Another whopper tune, great lyrics and vocal yet again! I now know their trademark guitar in the background of most songs with the supporting drums.
Polmont on My Mind is yet another great song with super collaboration! On Ice Cream Van it’s so cool how he talks about a storm on the horizon and by the end the music’s intensity creates that storm! Very clever!
Lonesome Swan wasn’t bad. I like the chilled music on 1st half of S.A.D. Light then how he blasted out the chorus.
Love the way he sings with his pronounced Scottish accent, they have a distinctive sound too. I love listening to this guy, he could sing anything and I’d like it! A lot of their songs brings me back to my childhood. I can safely say I’m now a fan of the band as the hits just kept coming! I would defo love to see these live. Thanks again. Fav album so far!”

Molly – “I love this album. Great shout E.P. I could listen to that lad singing all day. He is a Scottish Joe Strummer. I love that he doesn’t try to hide his accent!
Best songs on the album are Geraldine, Go Square Go (has to be a football chat for some club), Daddy’s Gone and Flowers & Football Tops.
Saw them live with E.P. and Mick a few years back and it was an awesome gig. So defo a solid 9 out of 10 stars.”

Sol – “I actually didn’t know any of their songs, so I went into this album very open minded. Firstly I’d just like to point out that I’ve notice you’re little trend and liking for male Scottish singers…just saying.
Solid opening song, the slow building intro personally had me wondering more as to what these guys are gonna be like.
Geraldine – loved this song, very radio friendly with its catchy chorus and held back guitar solo, reminded me a bit of Kodaline.
It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry is when I sat up and start listening intently, cracking tune, the drums throughout are brilliant, his voice excellent and it’s only when I heard it a few times that I started to zone in on the actual lyrics and it all came together.
Breezed through Lonesome Swan, good song but didn’t catch me as much as others.
Go Square Go has that ‘anthem’ feel to it, I could imagine being at their gig for this one and the crowd losing their shit.
Love the guitar in Polmont on My Mind, the lyrics are a bit repetitive but I found myself just ignoring that and listening to the musicians.
Daddy’s Gone – bloody excellent song, the story within the song is brilliant and then a nod to Crocodile Rock, the build up in tempo and anger in his voice, just a class song.
Stabbed is interesting and allows us a welcome breather after Daddy’s Gone.
S.A.D Light – bit of a We Will Rock You drum beat to this one, think it was mentioned how his vocals/mood can change throughout the album and I think he shows it excellently just in this song alone.
Ice Cream Van – nice song to finish on, really shows off this side of his vocals, it thought it had an epic end of movie type sound to it.
All in all, I really enjoyed this album and really found myself noticing more stuff about the songs and liking them more as the week went on, definitely a fan now. I’m now grateful for your love of Scottish rockers E.P.”

Mick – “Firstly, I love you for putting this up so more people can hear them. I adore this album and have done since I first heard it.
Flowers & Football Tops has a booming sound throughout but still has really somehow managed to keep a sing-along element to it, the guitar throughout is whopper. Geraldine again great booming intro but the lyrics in this are phenomenal for me, such a beautifully written song about such a tough topic of being in the dumps and not in a good place, gorgeous stuff – ‘I’m the angel on your shoulder. My name is Geraldine and I’m your social worker’.
It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry again musically I find they don’t always change much from the distortion pedal and consistent beat but the tambourine is a nice touch. This is a bit of a self loathing song maybe about self reflection. Again some lovely lyrics like: ‘My attitude is always I and me and mine’.
Lonesome Swan is probably a little bit of a let down on this album for me, not a terrible song just not up to the standard set by the others.
My favourite song is defo Go Square Go, absolutely epic in every way. Great sing-along too and non-stop relentless kick drum throughout is just foot-tapping heaven – here we fucking go indeed!
Polmont on My Mind again just is their sound – big distortion and looping sounds backed by fantastically strong vocals as usual. Daddy’s Gone would be a close second for me. First song I ever heard of theirs and blew me away. Again great but heartbreaking lyrics throughout: ‘All I wanted was a kick-a-bout in the park’. Beautiful stuff.
Stabbed is a bit of a weird one, I always wondered if it’s about himself or not, kinda perfectly set the tone for a song like that with the slow melancholy piano, not one of my favourites but.
S.A.D. Light is meh really but I really like Ice Cream Van – real builder that knocks you outta your socks when you’re not expecting it.
This album is completely packed with emotion and personal experience and I always feel like you can actually hear the heartbreak in his voice throughout. When I heard it first it was nothing like I had never heard and still is, amazing. Thanks a million E.P. making me go back to this, had been too long. 10/10 for me.”

Clarkey – “Flowers & Football Tops – thought this was a decent song. Always liked his voice.
Geraldine – great song and reminds me of my better years with the hair and all that.
It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry – really like this song. Slow drums and good guitar riff at the start is class and keeps its goodness throughout where a lot if songs can fade off.
Lonesome Swan – a grand song, nothing too great about it though.
Go Square Go – again another easy listening song but sounds similar to the last one.
Palmont on My Mind – OK song.
Daddy’s Gone – like this song it has a good melody and is nice and upbeat.
Stabbed – really like the idea of this song and I think they pull it off. Lovely and acoustic with the piano and at a great soft level throughout.
S.A.D. Light – not a fan if this song. Has really annoying lyrics! He can stick his star up his arse!
Ice Cream Van – seems like it doesn’t get started at all but maybe I need to listen to it a few more times I hope.
Overall I would give the album a 6.5 out of 10. Very samey a lot if it. But also enjoyed a lot if it. Some of it seemed like album fillers big time. Still would go see them live though.”

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  • Geraldine
  • Go Square Go


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