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The Midnight Organ Fight is the second studio album by Scottish indie rock band Frightened Rabbit. Recorded during 2007 between studios at Bridgeport, Connecticut and Glasgow, Scotland, the album was released on 14 April 2008 (15 April in the US) through independent label Fat Cat Records. Hailed by critics as “one of the finest [breakup records] of recent vintage”, frontman Scott Hutchison has described the album as being “a lot more intense” than its predecessor Sing the Greys (2006). Following the album’s completion, it took around a month for him to be able to listen to it. The album’s title comes from a line in the song “Fast Blood”, and is said to be a euphemism for sex.
Upon its release, the album was greeted with widespread critical acclaim. Praise often centered on the writing, honest lyricism, and passionate delivery of the band. Viewed as a showpiece for modern Scottish music, the album has continued to receive recognition long after its release and has been featured on various year- and decade-end critic lists.



Ice – “Thanks for putting these forward. I get a hint of various different bands when I listen to these…
To start The Modern Leper, ok vocals, good music. I like the drums in I Feel Better and the supporting guitar riff throughout is pretty cool. I like the guitar melody through Good Arms vs Bad Arms and thought the lyrics was very good, I like it!
On Fast Blood again the music is really good throughout with some nice riffs when it’s coming to a pinnacle at the end but unfortunately the rough vocals are a detractor for me.
Old Old Fashioned got the head nodding from the start, and his vocal was enjoyable on this one – cool tune! The Twist was an interesting one, it felt like it was going somewhere and it did about half way through, really enjoyed the second half of this one.
Head Rolls Off was very honest and clever, really good song! I found another great tune in My Backwards Walk – brilliant lyrics. I enjoyed the funny lyrics on Keep Yourself Warm again with good music in the background. Interesting the nice light melody of Poke accompanied with lyrics including ‘cunt’ – these have some character! I like so many components on Floating in the Forth its very well put together, cool tune.
Overall the rough vocals took a bit of getting used to, but musically these were very good. Not really my genre but I did like them the more I listened to them. They are an interesting and ballsy, no BS band so would welcome more from them in the future!”

Sol – “For some reason I thought these were an electronic set up so I was very surprised when I heard the Scottish accent, I had to double check that I had the correct band. The last few Scottish bands have been pretty good and this band fall into the same bracket.
The Modern Leper got me straight away with the acoustic guitar intro, some smashing lyrics in this song (and through the album). I like how it builds up, head bopping material.
I liked I Feel Better and Good Arms vs Bad Arms, nothing really stood out. I loved the continuous looping beat on the guitar and drums in Fast Blood, great tune.
I actually liked Old Old Fashioned, very catchy but wasn’t mad on The Twist – his voice was a bit whiney, imo.
Was glad that Heads Roll Off arrived as I was starting to lose interest, sorta reminded me of Snow Patrol, probably the guitar throughout it, enjoyed this one.
My Backwards Walk was one of my favourites on this album, the lyrics are brilliant and I loved the little strum of the guitar throughout it, very simple but gives it that beat.
‘You’re the shit and I’m knee deep in it’ with a Scottish accent is just deadly!
Keep Yourself Warm is great, I’d say this would be a good one at their gigs. I love the opening line of Poke, very clever. The guitar reminds me of Jose Gonzalez style, bit of a haunting mood to it which I really liked, one of my favs on the album.
All in all, I enjoyed them and wasn’t much that didn’t do it for me. However, I found the first few listens sorta blended into themselves earlier on in the week and nothing really stood out initially but as I listened to them more, I was picking out way more things that I liked. Lyrically I think they are great and I really do think there are a few songs that I will love when they come during a shuffle.”

E.P. – “It’s a cracking album! You introduced them to me a few years back. Agree with Sol, he’s a great lyricist.
The Modern Leper is a great opening song, one of my favourites on there. Other standout tracks for me are My Backwards Walk, Keep Yourself Warm and Poke. But I like the album as a whole in general.
First time I’ve listened to it since his suicide, so a bit different and haunting hearing his voice.”

Spud – “I listened to Tiny Changes, the tribute to this album from various artists, before actually listening to the original. I wasn’t blown away by the tribute album so I wasn’t really sure if I’d like this. I didn’t, I loved it.
It’s clear we’re a bit soft in this group for the Scottish accent. Scott Hutchison’s voice marries so well with the songs I kinda understand why the tribute album didn’t work for me. Accents aside, this guy was a great lyricist. There are too many good ones to list but as soon Heads Roll Off opened with ‘Jesus is just a Spanish boy’s name’ I knew I’d like that song.
Good opening song in The Modern Leper, but I Feel Better takes it up another notch for the last minute. Love the addition of brass (trumpet maybe?). Bright Pink Bookmark was a nice little brass treat in the middle of the album too – The Jimmy Cake-esque.
There honestly isn’t a bad song on there! Maybe I could do without Extrasupervery but it could be that it’s got the difficult task of following Keep Yourself Warm. That’s probably the only song I knew and it’s an absolute cracker.
Poke was my favourite from the tribute album (partly because of my bias for Daughter) and I was excited to hear the original – it didn’t disappoint, lovely tune.
It’s definitely quite poignant listening to the album after knowing of his suicide, particularly as the album draws to a close with Floating in the Forth and its lyrics, and Who’d You Kill Now? with the creaky floorboard sounds at the end – very eerie.
So glad to have listened to this – great pick, one of the best so far.”

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  • Keep Yourself Warm
  • Poke


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