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Two Dancers is the second studio album by British indie rock band Wild Beasts. It was released on 3 August 2009 in the UK on Domino Records, with a US release on 8 September. The track “Hooting and Howling” was released as the album’s first single on 20 July. Two Dancers was very well received by critics.
In 2010. It was awarded a silver certification from the Independent Music Companies Association which indicated sales of at least 30,000 copies throughout Europe. As of February 2018 it has sold 54,474 copies in United Kingdom and it remains there their top selling album according to OCC.



Ice – “Never heard of these so didn’t know what to expect. I liked the way The Fun Powder Plot had a bit of electronica in the background but that soon fell to the side from what I pictured as a tranny singing! The variations of his voice sounds like he is taken the piss! Second time around I was more used to his voice but it’s very obscure! I enjoyed Hooting & Howling when the collaboration came followed by the electric guitar, good tune. Ya gotta love All The King’s Men for the background hawwwwaaaawhawhawhawaahh which stuck in my head for ages and all of a sudden the vocal sounded normal too, great tune!
Unfortunately, tranny singer came back for When I’m Sleepy… which was just weird. I preferred the tempo of the vocal on We Still Got The Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues and also the cool guitar riff throughout, catchy tune. Two Dancers (i) was ok when the background music but I expected to ramp to something higher. For a slow song I want a great vocal so Two Dancers (ii) came and went. I liked the intro of This Is Our Lot which set it up for success but the deep part of the vocal sounds off to me, is he trying to do too much? When Underbelly came I wanted to slap this guy! Who are YOU? What are YOU? You’re ruining the music! Empty Nest was a decent tune in comparison. Through The Iron Gate had a great guitar throughout and the vocal went a bit rockier at two points, more randomness.
I’m glad I listened to this to get All The King’s Men added to my playlist but for me this was a mishmash of randomness, perhaps a few more listens I could get to like them more but it sounds to me like they went from left to right and up and down, maybe trying to do too much, vocal: NO!”

Spud – “I like the opener (kinda reminded me of Glass Animals) but, Hooting & Howling and All The King’s Men are absolute choons – the two best songs on the album back-to-back. I love that they change up the lead vocalist on these tracks (and throughout) – it keeps things interesting. These two songs really set the bar high for the rest of the album and it delivers, in parts…
The varying tempo on We Still Got The Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues is class. Two Dancers (i) is the track I’m most familiar with from the album and it’s top quality. The deeper lead vocal backed up by the harmonies a la Antony and the Johnsons works so well.
For me, it’s not just the cohesion of the two different singing styles, but also between them and the music is what makes the songs so good. In key moments, guitars drop off, drums/keys keep steady time and rhythm but don’t overpower, allowing the vocals to take centre stage, and then it flips. I don’t even know if that makes sense but it’s all just very well put together and probably too artsy and clever for me to really understand!
The main criticism from me is the two filler tracks: When I’m Sleepy… and Underbelly. There’s no need for them and the abrupt transition from Underbelly to Empty Nest is strange – it’s like the CD had a scratch!
Overall, this is right up my street. A very unique style and sound that makes for an enjoyable listen no matter the mood.”

Sol – “This was definitely a grower on me. When I started the album, my first impression was the music was cool and I’m gonna like this, my head was involuntarily nodding away and then after a minute or so, the vocals came in and I thought oh shit, this is one of Mick’s weirdo bands. But the music had me that I could cope with it, but then as I listened to it more and more I really start liking that vocalist. Tbh I didn’t realize it was two different singers – I thought it was one with a great range and loved to throw in the falsetto here and there.
The Fun Powder Riot is a great little opener. Those lyrics about a booty call were in my head all week.
Hooting & Howling is one of my favs on the album, the arrangement from the get go is excellent, the simple bass line and bass drum just simply working away in the background and then the keyboards with the 8/9 repetitive notes for the chorus, is just brilliant with his voice. The keyboards remind me of a Coronas song.
All The King’s Men is a great follow up, I liked the different singer. I thought this had a bit of The National sound to it. I could imagine this being very theatrical on stage on a gig.
When I’m Sleepy… is just there. Back to business with We Still Got The Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues – great guitars in this, love how upbeat it is.
I thought Two Dancers (i) and (ii) were both great, really like the tone of that lead singer, (ii) was so mellow. Didn’t like Underbelly, probably some quirky joke between the band that made the album.
I really liked the end song Through The Iron Gates, it had a James Bond like sound to it, really was your typical last song on a album bringing everything to an end. The end of the album was enjoyable but I thought the first half trumped it.
I really enjoyed this album and it was probably the perfect example of giving an album a few listens to, it grew on me more and more each time, I kept hearing new things and I ended up loving it, it has so much going for it.
Big thank you for this one Mick, was a brand new band for me and I hold it up there as one of my favourite new band albums in this group so far.”

Pynser – “I liked the album… not as much as the others, but did like it. I think I’m not a fan of either of the singers which is why. Musically it’s excellent though.
Great opener song. Hooting & Howling was my favourite on there… defo get the Coronas sound off it, as Sol said.
I thought Two Dancers (i) and (ii) were good, nice atmospheric sound off them. Underbelly was shite. Through The Iron Gate was a good way to end it too… loved the last minute, reminded me a bit of that Controlled Bleeding band I put up before.
Overall I liked it, but singing did my head in a bit… too much oohing and ahhing at times.”

Molly – “I enjoyed this album. Lead singers remind me of Guy Garvey from elbow, if his voice was split in octaves and put in two people! Wasn’t what I was expecting.
Favorite tunes are All The King’s Men and Hooting & Howling. Would defo listen to more of their stuff.”

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  • Hooting & Howling
  • All The King’s Men


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