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INTRO (from Wiki)

Ritual is the third studio album from electronic rock band Jape, released on Co-op Records in 2008. It won the Choice Music Prize for the 2008 Irish Album of the Year in March 2009.
A video for the song “Graveyard”, which was filmed in an actual graveyard in Dublin, was released in May 2008 prior to the release of the album. The album features the singles “I Was a Man”, “Strike Me Down” and “Phil Lynott”, which was subject to an unsuccessful petition by fans to have it named the Christmas number one in Ireland in December 2008. When squinted at, the cover album art reveals a skull.
The Irish Independent’s John Meagher named Ritual his twentieth best Irish album of the 2000s.



Ice – “Thanks for putting this forward buddy, I remember you saying the name ‘Jape’ aloud years ago I dunno why I just remember you saying it. I know I heard one or two of their songs in the past and they were I Was a Man and more so Strike Me Down so looking forward to listening to this.
What are they saying at the start of Christopher and Anthony? It sounds like ‘Stab him, stab him, stab him’ to me. I love the keyboard going from low to high kinda sounding like an old commodore game in my mind, the chorus is so simple but I really like it, catchy!
I Was a Man is a cool tune most might love the guitar on this track which is cool but I’m drawn to the clapping-esque sound throughout for some reason until the robotic tune comes in half way through which is deadly!
Replays wasn’t bad. The tune throughout Graveyard is cool it reminds me of walking down a road (my puzzled mind), and the lyrics are good too. I heard that Phil Lynott was based on true events, he was looking at an eclipse and a Phil Lynott song came on, so simple but God look at the fuckin’ moon!
Streetwise is another good tune – smoking tea bags, eh? My fav part of it was the musical part coming to the end of the track. At the Heart of All of This Strangeness is a great tune and in my opinion make sense at that first stage of a failing relationship, well put together.
I like the intro on Apple in an Orchard, it got the head nodding, good tune. I like the change in vocal pace in Strike Me Down until the iconic self-titled chorus, I remember you singing this Mick, it’s class and love the way it goes straight back into either the funky tune/fast lyrics after the 1st chorus then the electric guitar after the 2nd, whopper tune!
I like the way the album finished on Nothing Lasts Forever, which I think might have been out of place in any other spot. I liked all elements of this one and wish I got to listen to it more, it could take 4th spot!
Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this album with I Was a Man, Strike Me Down and Christopher and Anthony getting top 3 spots for me. Thanks for putting this forward Mick”

Sol – “I really enjoyed listening to this album, it has been years since I last listened to it. I always remember going to see Jape in Whelan’s as one of the gigs that I hadn’t a clue about but just went on your recommendation and absolutely loved his electronic set that night. Was strange seeing him the second time expecting the same and it was just him and his guitar doing an acoustic set… talented guy!
Great opener with Christopher and Anthony, not sure either what he’s saying at the start but all I can hear now is ‘Stab him’!
I Was a Man is the song I remember most, love the change around 2:30 mark, heavier bass for the end is class.
Replays… ‘My dick is long I hope you don’t mind’… whoever thought you’d get that lyric into a record! Love the vibe of this song, this gets me moving every time I hear it, one of my favs on the album.
Nice little song about Philo, actually enjoy the lyrics of this one and love the dub accent for Crumlin.
I actually don’t remember At the Heart of All of This Strangeness, felt a little out of place against the other songs in context of the album but I actually really like this song, the guitar is very simple but it’s a beautiful little melody throughout.
Strike Me Down… my favourite song on the album, sounds a little like the Arctic Monkeys. Love the chorus on this one, the little haunting vocals in the background leading up the electronic beat really works well.
Great finishing song for the album, closes it off very well.
Loved getting to know this album again, great choice Mick, some brilliant memories came flooding back.”

Molly – “I wouldn’t be too familiar with Jape. Was expecting a guitar singer-songwriter. Was pleasantly surprised. Not totally my cup of tea but I did enjoy it. The opening tune didn’t really catch me… but the song that really did was Phil Lynott. It is such a simple song but I could totally picture every word of the song in my head. Strike Me Down is another top tune. I agree with Sol that it is very Arctic Monkeys. Overall it’s a thumbs up for me.”

Spud – “It’s been a long time since I’ve heard any Jape but after just a few seconds of the class intro to Christopher and Anthony, it all came back to me and I knew I would enjoy listening again. I Was a Man is an absolute beast. Love the beat, and the switch up halfway through. When it changes back again for the last 7/8 seconds, I just wish it went on for longer. Best song on the album. Replays had a hard act to follow but it did a pretty good job.
Graveyard is decent, maybe a bit long but his voice is quite good on this one. Phil Lynott wasn’t a song (or more like a poem) I initially liked all that much but it kept getting stuck in my head and I guess it reeled me in slowly. Hard not to like a tribute to Philo.
Streetwise is a good tune. I can’t put my finger on a particular song of his but I was getting some Beck influences here.
The double header of Apple in an Orchard and Strike Me Down is savage. A quality pair of bangers! And after motorboating them for 8 minutes, taking a breather with Nothing Lasts Forever probably isn’t a bad thing. That last track has an Air multiplied by Daft Punk vibe off it.
Love the album as a whole and his new album, Sentinel, was just released this month so giving that a listen as I type… the first half is very Simon & Garfunkel but let’s see how the rest goes! Very good to have Jape in the mix on my Spotify so thanks for that Mick!”

E.P. – “Liked this a lot more than I thought I was going to. Not usually my type of music. First three songs were great… really got me into it. Wasn’t as keen on Graveyard, although did like the guitar in there. I wasn’t too pushed on the Phil Lynott song, felt it was a bit out of place. Favourite song was Apple in an Orchard. Great song to finish too, found Nothing Lasts Forever had quite a haunting feel off it.
Very steady, really good album throughout. Without having anything amazing jumping out at me. Probably more to do with the style not really being my thing. Can see why you like him though.”

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  • Apple in an Orchard
  • Strike Me Down


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