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It Won’t Be Soon Before Long is the second studio album by the American pop rock band Maroon 5. It was released in May 2007 by A&M Octone Records, as the follow-up to their debut album Songs About Jane (2002). The name was inspired by a phrase the band adopted to keep themselves motivated while on their tour.
The album debuted at number one on the U.S. Billboard 200, selling around 430,000 copies in its first week and, as of 2011, approximately 5 million copies worldwide. It is the first to feature drummer Matt Flynn. The band’s former drummer, percussionist and background vocalist – Ryan Dusick, who officially left the band in 2006 due to serious wrist and shoulder injuries, was credited as the “Musical Director”.
The band embarked on It Won’t Be Soon Before Long Tour (2007–2008) in support of the album.



Mick – “I didn’t think I knew any of their songs really but a few of them off the album sounded familiar throughout this. Not too sure where I would have heard them but I did.
Makes Me Wonder is one of them which I didn’t mind at all. The first thing that stood out on this album for me was that they seem very polished as musicians, they make a really crisp sound and have lots going on in their songs. For example, the rather funky sounds of the keyboard in the background on Little Of Your Time and the intro of Wake Up Call, which I knew too.
I wouldn’t say their songs are similar at all but there is something bout their sound that just doesn’t grab me at all. I quite liked the change of pace in Nothing Lasts Forever. No doubting he has a really nice voice, very distinctive. Not Falling Apart was probably the stand out tune for me, really liked the tempo throughout and again his vocals are on show more here, a real song along song for sure. Kiwi has some great guitar riffs and drum beats throughout and the little touch of trumpet is cool too.
I can absolutely see why they are huge and people really love them but it’s lumped in with a style of music I’m not mental keen on, can’t quite put my finger on it for them.
Possibly one of those weeks that I found it hard to focus on the style of music cause I haven’t taken No Geography (the new Chemical Brothers one) outta me ears for weeks. I’d defo listen to them again in the future but for me there is a long queue before Maroon 5 of others ahead of them. Again, always good to listen to something I have never heard.”

E.P. – “I liked it… probably more than I should have or thought it would. I get what Mick means about the polished sound, but with that I don’t think there’s anything amazing about the sound… guitar and drums are basic enough. His voice is distinctive and not bad, without being great. However, with all of it put together it does work. They’ve a very inoffensive sound and there’s some nice catchy songs on there. Stand out ones for me are Makes Me Wonder, Wake Up Call, Won’t Go Home Without You. Really liked Kiwi and Until You’re Over Me… thought they’d a bit of a Prince sound to them. A few of the other tracks are forgettable enough, but defo enough on there for me to like it.”

Sol – “Before listening to the album I was very 50/50 on their hits: I find them great or just bland, plus they get way too much airtime which could ruin the greatest songs. I thought I’d feel the same about one of their albums but unfortunately it did very little for me as an album. Like the lads said, there is nothing offensive and they are very polished vocally and musically. Although the songs sound different, I think they just blend into each other and I think it’s Adam’s voice that’s causing it – he has a unique style and sound which carries through most of the songs on this album.
I definitely got the Prince sound to them from the get go.
The stand out for me was Goodnight Goodnight, I thought the guitar in that was very good.
I did enjoy Kiwi somewhat, in comparison to the others. I liked the upbeat drums and the trumpet and then the change of pace and electric guitar brought it to the next level, this really did have a Prince/Justin Timberlake sound to it, probably my fav song on the album.
In my opinion, they are a step just above an American boy band, not that I’m against boy bands but I don’t particularly like whole albums of theirs. The saving grace for me is that I know they have some great songs but this album just didn’t have any of them for me. Cheers for the album bud.”

Molly – “Surprised by this. I’m not Adam Levine’s biggest fan. His voice can be a bit marmite. I agree with Sol and E.P. – there is a hint of Prince in the mix… that can’t be a bad thing. Fav tune is Won’t Go Home Without You. Overall I’d say a strong 7 on the Molly scale. Thanks for putting it up.”

Spud – “I completely agree with the others on this one: inoffensive, decent vocally and musically, and surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I also got the strong Prince influence from the very first track.
Makes Me Wonder was the only song I recognised and I like it. I actually didn’t hate any of it but my least favourite were the romance rock tunes like Won’t Go Home Without You and Goodnight Goodnight.
The lovey-dovey songs that didn’t try to be rock were good, eg. Nothing Lasts Forever and Better That We Break. Despite the titles/lyrics of those two songs, I’d say Maroon 5 would make a great wedding band! A good mix of pop, rock and of course the all-important slow sets.
The best song is Kiwi – they really turn the funk up on this one and let the musicians have a good bash at the end. While Wake Up Call reminded me of Justin Timberlake, for me Kiwi sounds more like something Bruno Mars has done recently.
Anyway, not bad, not great, but better than expected.”

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  • Makes Me Wonder
  • Kiwi


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