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Solid Air is the fourth studio album by British folk singer-songwriter John Martyn, released in February 1973 by Island Records.



Mick – “Had only ever heard one song of his before this so defo looked forward to it and the song was on there too.
Solid Air was a cool opener liked the base throughout the tune. It has a real lounge feel to it and all his music really. Sitting about chilling in our non-existent sun in this kip (Ireland).
Over The Hill was a completely different pace and happy sing-along type tune, lovely guitar picking throughout. Don’t Want To Know I can only describe as damn sexy music. Go Down Easy does exactly what it says on the tin – best title for a song as it completely describes the tune itself, really simple tune but lovely.
Dreams By The Sea – what an opening! Reminded me of the opening to Papa Was A Rolling Stone, really cool change of style at that stage of the album was nicely welcomed, funktastic and then it got even better with the sax intro. Defo one of my favourites on the album. May You Never was the song I had heard before and love it, beautifully sang with lovely lyrics and sweet melody.
The Man In The Station wasn’t bad but probably my least favourite on the album. Kinda just passed time for me. The Easy Blues again the title best describes it. I’m not a huge blues fan at times but this is great stuff, great picking style again.
My favourite was I’d Rather Be The Devil. I probably prefer the album version after a few listens think it transfers more what’s going on with the song. Oh that base is damn fantastic, kinda reminds me a little of some of Flea’s early Red Hot Chili Peppers stuff, just funky slap base stuff, great sound. Nice change of pace around the 4 minute mark to some nice guitar too.
If this is a studio album it’s amazingly off the wall with the changes and styles he showcases, has much more of a greatest hits feel to it at times. This is defo one I’ll be going out to buy that’s for sure. Great stuff Sol, a big thumbs up from me!”

E.P. – “Really liked the album. Great opener. I liked the more upbeat Over The Hill and May You Never. Dreams By The Sea was definitely my favourite though. Starts off like something from a 70’s cop show, like Shaft or something… deadly.
He has a really great voice. This would not be my kind of music usually, but I defo got into this one. Great shout!”

Molly – “I thought it was old Slowhand when I first started to listen! Very Clapton sound on the guitar and sings a bit like Clapton with a bit of Joe Cocker. I’ve never heard of this lad and was pleasantly surprised when I started listening.
Loving I’d Rather Be The Devil. The slap on the strings for the intro is very catchy, and the finish on the psychedelic wha wha pedal is brilliant. Other standouts are Over The Hill, Dreams By The Sea and The Easy Blues. Overall, pleasantly surprised.”

Ice – “Yet again never heard of the artist and at the start I didn’t know if I would like this. When I heard Solid Air, which was easy to listen to and could help me get to sleep, I just didn’t know if I liked his voice or not.
On my second time listening to the album I liked it a lot more! I enjoyed Over The Hill as I could hear his voice more and it was more of an upbeat tune. I like the music on Don’t Want To Know but the lyrics were a bit repetitive. That said his voice is growing on me.
The champion slot goes to I’d Rather Be The Devil. I love the upbeat intro and the funky supporting guitar! Great guitar work and I thought he was done a few times but came back with super riffs, great tune!
Nice vocal on Go Down Easy. I like the collaboration on Dreams By The Sea – he showed more of his range, cool tune! May You Never was very well sang, lovely lyrics! The Man In The Station and Easy Blues weren’t bad either.
Overall I found that he grew on me the more I listened to him. I watched a few videos of him on guitar and was amazed. Sometimes you don’t get the full picture just listening to songs.”

Spud – “What a great album! Lots of variation and I enjoyed all of it.
The title track and opening song, Solid Air, completely grabbed my interest and I was really looking forward to what was to come.
And it didn’t disappoint… I loved Over The Hill. Simple, but brilliant. There’s more and more going on as Don’t Want To Know develops – quality song.
I liked the change of pace to I’d Rather Be The Devil but I personally didn’t get the second half when the track just kinda died off. A rare blemish quickly forgotten once his voice comes in on Go Down Easy.
I agree with E.P. about the Shaft reference in Dreams By The Sea. It’s a great song at the right time to quicken the tempo with very mellow songs either side.
The final track , The Easy Blues, is about jelly roll, which apparently is like a swiss roll. But after earlier drug references in Over The Hill, I was interested to find out what it actually means. Turns out it’s a reference to sex. Every day is a school day on Music Nights!
Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed this album, a real pleasure to listen to. Thanks Sol!”

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  • I’d Rather Be The Devil
  • Dreams By The Sea


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