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August and Everything After is the debut studio album by American rock band Counting Crows, released September 14, 1993 on Geffen Records.
The album cover depicts handwritten lyrics to a song called “August and Everything After”, but the band decided against featuring the song on the album of the same name; it was not until over a decade later that it was played as part of one of their live concerts. The song “August and Everything After” was released on January 24, 2019 as an Amazon Original.
On September 18, 2007, a two-disc deluxe edition of the album was issued. The first disc contains the original album, remastered by Adam Ayan and Stephen Marcussen, with six demos added as bonus tracks. The second disc is taken from the band’s penultimate performance during the August tour, recorded at the Élysée Montmartre in Paris, France, on December 9, 1994.
The album August & Everything After: Live at Town Hall was released on August 29, 2011, featuring live recordings of the songs from this album. More than 6 million copies of the album have been sold by February 2002 in the US.



Mick – “Obviously I knew them and have never found anything offensive but I also never felt the need to go check them out so this was a first listen as far as I remember. I do adore Round Here, I think it’s a beautiful song, was a little disappointed it wasn’t the acoustic version that’s on the album but really nice song. Lots of good memories hearing this song, none better than Sol losing his shit at Oxegen after a 13-minute wank version of it by them on the main stage.
They seem to have a lot of songs that perfectly fit the American teen breakup scene from films and that’s what Perfect Blue Buildings reminded me of. Really like this side of them I have to say, very easy-listening. He has a very intoxicating voice without being a brilliant singer, such a nice tone. Time And Time Again was really nice too. I did start to get a little lost in similar sounding songs like Ghost Train, Sullivan Street and Raining in Baltimore after a while the album became a little repetitive at times.
I never really liked Mr. Jones but defo enjoyed it more in the context of the album as a whole as it brought up the tempo nicely on here. Defo my favourite is Round Here and as an album overall I like listening to it going in and out of work for sure. I would defo say I liked it without loving it. Not sure I’d be chasing a back catalogue any time soon but this was a welcome treat this week for something I’d never listen to. Cheers Sol!”

Ice – “I’m familiar with some of their songs with one of my all time favourite piano tunes Colorblind being thanks to them. Random fact: I actually met the lead singer in Spirit years ago and he was sound! There ya go!
I felt Round Here was a bit too slow for me on the first listen then realised it was generally their thing. On a second listen, I agree with Mick – beautiful song. I liked the lyrics on Omaha and it was nice to hear the lyrics on these songs clearly for a change! It’s easy-listening but nice, light and happy. I have heard Mr. Jones a million times and I think it is a great tune and worthy of its fame. Perfect Blue Buildings is more easy-listening, you could have this in the background and have a natter and a glass of wine. I like the base and vocal on Anna Begins, I like how it lifts slightly at 2 mins but wished them to go higher again. Time And Time Again is a catchy tune and more upbeat but after the chorus it breaks into a light guitar riff which is nice and calming before building up again, cool tune! I welcomed the upbeat tempo of Rain King where I enjoyed all elements with some cool electric riffs halfway through. It’s cool they way he slows it down and ramps it back up, very Bruce-esque! Rain King was a whopper of a tune that I was buzzin’ on so when Sullivan Street came it felt like a hangover even thought it’s not a bad tune – I think any of their slower songs in this slot would be the same for me. I enjoyed the music on Ghost Train which matched the tone of his voice nicely, vocal was decent too. I thoroughly enjoyed the vocal on Raining in Baltimore – the man is talented – it’s complemented nicely with the piano and violin and it’s probably the closest I got to Colourblind on this album. I think I heard A Murder Of One before, was a nice to finish off on!
No denying he has a distinctive voice and is a great singer. His voice is very easy to listen to, ideal for a long drive or bus commute. I generally like to be wowed with high impact tunes and this was the opposite. That said, I found it very relaxing, almost soothing, and will fill the slot where I don’t know what to listen to. Thanks for putting it up Sol.”

E.P. – “Really liked that album. Great opening three songs. Always loved Omaha. Really like Anna Begins too. When they do their upbeat songs, they just have it down… Rain King is just so easy to sing along to. I get what the others mean about the slower stuff… can be a bit repetitive. I really like that side of them too though. He’s a very decent singer and I like his lyrics too, always very colourful and big idea sounding I think. Great choice.”

Spud – “These seem to be a band that people love to hate so I was interested to hear if there’s a reason for that. Personally, what I know of them is that they’re a little close to Country for my liking.
But Round Here is a brilliant opener – really liked this one. I like the change-up in pace and the guitar dropping in and out. Nothing special going on with the drums but it allows the singing to shine through. So, off to a good start.
Spoke too soon… next up we’re hit with the Country Music. Omaha is the kind of song I was worried about. I didn’t like it but at least they cover it up quickly with their biggest hit, Mr. Jones, which is a pop rock classic.
I enjoyed Perfect Blue Buildings and Anna Begins, nice and mellow. Following on in that same gentle flow is my favourite song on the album; Time And Time Again. The melody in the chorus is just magic. He’s a great singer too.
The run of good tracks comes to an abrupt end as soon as Rain King starts – too Country, particularly the chorus. But again, the Country style is kinda quashed right away and Sullivan Street sorta reminds me of R.E.M.
Like some of the other lads, I prefer the slower songs but I was happy with the more uptempo ending to the album on A Murder Of One – a good sign-off or encore song maybe.
Overall I was pleasantly surprised that they’re only about 20% Country. Most of the songs are quite middle of the road, there’s nothing I felt really compelled to skip but there are only two great songs for me; Round Here makes you want to turn the album on and you keep listening to get to Time And Time Again. Guess what’s going on the Music Nights playlist??”

Molly – “I love Counting Crows but I have a gripe with them… well, mainly the lead singer. I can’t forgive him for ruining the set at Oxegen when you walked up to the pit and he fucked up Mr. Jones on ya! I have his card marked ever since!
But this album is awesome… another one of those albums where it puts me back to a certain place and time – I remember listening to this when I was playing for Kevin’s!
Mr. Jones is a classic, but the best tunes for me are Sullivan Street in particular, and Round Here. I don’t think I have any of their other albums which is odd because I really liked this album. But again, after Oxegen he is on my list!”

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  • Round Here
  • Time And Time Again


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