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Jurassic 5 is the debut album by American hip hop group Jurassic 5. The material from the Jurassic 5 EP plus a few additional tracks were repackaged as an album and released by Pan Records as Jurassic 5 in 1998. NME named it the 9th best album of 1998.



Ice – “First hip hop band I have listened to in a while. Definitely not my usual scene and because of that this album was quiet nostalgic for me.
With the background of In The Flesh, you have to nod your head. It’s a good song, well put together and each vocalist is decent. When I listen to Quality Control Part 2, Crazy Town – Butterfly comes to mind. Interesting how I’m getting flashbacks, it shows how long it’s been since I listened to hip hop. I like the flute in the background of Jayou, not sure if I heard it on a hip hop track before, some great rapping on this tune. I wasn’t liking Lesson 6: The Lecture until the DJ mishmash, which was cool in places. The background music on Concrete Schoolyard is cool, one of the vocalists reminds me of Warren G who I was a fan of back in the day. Again I see each vocalist brings something to the table, good tune, could get gold for me. There is a theme with this group of cool background music and great rapping and Action Satisfaction is another example of that and on Improvise it’s cool to see they are even rapping to guitar strings. Blacktop Beat was decent – why not bring on the vocals, elongate and make it a full song? I guess it’s their style to have those little pit-stop songs. This song is Without A Doubt another cool tune, these keep delivering, this stuck in my head more than the others due to the chorus. I guess Lesson 6 – Reprise had to come to keep to the theme of the album, fair enough.
Reminded me of D12 amongst others artists of the 90’s/00’s but better, I presume these are doing very well as they are great musically and vocally. If hip hop was my thing I think I would be a fan as I enjoyed the album and I felt nice, positive and relaxed after it. Good shout Spud!”

Mick – “I wasn’t sure if it was the drink talking in St. Petersburg saying I enjoyed it so was glad and apprehensive when this went up. This is a very different type of hip hop to the normal shit ya hear. I don’t think I heard one bad word and they don’t rap about money, riding mots or killing each other so it was an automatic thumbs up on that front. They are like nice rappers
Really funky beats throughout. I love the flow of In The Flesh and the fact they try get Jurassic 5 somewhere into their songs, not an easy feat.
I know you hate the interludes but I quite like them and they straight away reminded me of DJ Shadow, the king of samples. I agree with Ice on Jayou – strange flute but works fantastic with the scratching.
I would say my fav track is probably Lession 6: The Lecture. There is so much going on it’s a fine line between madness and perfection and they hit the latter, wonderful stuff. There are so many elements working together, the drumming section at 3:20 and change up to ‘I had the turntable to the wrong speed’ – savage stuff. Quality, quality tune.
Sausage Gut is like a drunken voicemail if leave.
I also like the drama that Lesson 6 – Reprise created in a short space of time. We listen to A Tribe Called Quest in work a bit and they are very similar which is a good thing I think, little like De La Soul a bit too.
This was a cool change of pace for me from what I normally listen to so enjoyed this. That being said, at the end of the album each listen I needed a break before listening again cause I find I lose concentration a bit. Probably cause it wouldn’t be a genre I listen to much or necessary love. That being said, I really enoyed this and will defo throw it on every now and again for sure when the mood hits. Cheers.”

Sol – “Jurassic 5 was something else alright. I dabbled in a bit of rap/hip hop back in the Ardmore Park days with Sticky and his stereo on the shoulder!
As soon as I heard In the Flesh I had a feeling I wouldn’t really enjoy this album and my initial reaction was pretty much right.
Saying that, I agree with my Ice Mick about certain things; it was ‘clean’ rap and way better than any shite I hear these days and it brought me back to the 90’s Warren G, Fugees, Dre days.
The positives for me was the deadly beats throughout the album and I actually really liked the use of the French Clarinet (I think, I’m thinking Anchorman) in Jayou, I don’t think I’ve heard that combination before.
First off I didn’t really like Lesson 6: The Lecture, but it actually is very clever and quite quirky throughout.
I did like Action Satisfaction- Dub which sorta sums it up that I like the music and not as much the rap.
As an album, I couldn’t really listen to it straight through much, I found myself listening to a few songs at a time during the week. Nothing was offensive to the ear, I guess it’s just not my preferred style. Saying that, if I was sitting in a pub and it was on in the background, I think I’d find it suiting and pretty cool (for a while).
I’m glad you put it up, it really is the purpose of the group to listen to a variety of music and I’m all for equality.”

Molly – “I’m not the biggest fan of hippity hop, so this took me a while to get into. Like Sol said, that’s the main point of the group to make us listen to stuff that isn’t top of our own play list. I can appreciate the beats and the rhythm but lyrically I lose interest. But glad you put it up because I never would have listed to it without your suggestion.”

Pynser – “Sorry Spud, I did try with the Jurassic 5 album. Just not my type of music at all. I didn’t hate it, but there’s not enough there to keep me interested.
In The Flesh was okay as an opener. I liked Lesson 6: The Lecture, that was mad and all over the place. Concrete Schoolyard was my favourite on the album… easy to listen to.
I defo think the first half of the album is better. There’s also too many pointless little filler tracks. I’d give it a meh, but considering I don’t really like this type of music that’s pretty good for me.”

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  • Lesson 6: The Lecture
  • Concrete Schoolyard


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