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INTRO (from Wiki)

Hallowed Ground is the second album by Violent Femmes, released in June 1984. Like the band’s first album, the songs were mostly written by singer/guitarist/lyricist Gordon Gano when he was in high school. “Country Death Song”, for example, written by Gano during his high school classes, was inspired by the tradition of folk songs about “terrible, horrific stories”. The album was considerably divisive amongst fans and critics, with many at the time falsely thinking Gano’s Christian lyrics were ironic.



Sol – “To be honest, when you put this album up I wasn’t really looking forward to it as I remember not really liking his voice on another album. But I was pleasantly surprised with this one and actually enjoyed it a lot.
Nice little country twang in a good few of the songs, I even liked the madness that was Black Girls – reminded me of Ross in Friends playing his keyboard. The first song, Country Death Song, reeks of Johnny Cash, great start to the album. I really liked Never Tell, guitar solos are class in it, deadly bass throughout. My favourite song is Hallowed Ground, the arrangement throughout that song is brilliant.
If I wasn’t married, I’d be out on the pull with my new chat up line: ‘Could I buy you a dress or something?’.
Right E.P., it’s worked, I’m converted! Cheers.”

Molly – “Loved it! Never Tell is great even though it goes on a bit. Great guitar! Country Death Song is defo an homage to the man in black. I do like Hallowed Ground too, but prefer Never Tell.
Overall a great choice. Femmes can be a bit hit and miss at times but this is an album!”

Spud – “Sorry E.P., I know this will disappoint you but I really enjoyed it. I’d never listened to them so my expectation was that I wouldn’t like it. Very happy to be proved wrong.
Country Death Song is quality, definitely get the Johnny Cash vibe, same as in Jesus Walking On The Water and It’s Gonna Rain.
I Hear The Rain is a great little tune, very They Might Be Giants.
Never Tell is probably the best song for me too – I hear Animals by Talking Heads in it (is there anyone they didn’t influence?).
Didn’t really like tracks 5, 6 or 7. His whiney voice comes too much to the fore in these slower songs.
Normal order restored with Black Girls though, if you could call that “normal”! Higher tempo and plenty of experimentation.
I was surprised to see this album was released in ‘84! It has stood the test of time.”

Mick – “Ya sold me on these guys by putting me onto their first album, they very chalk and cheese musically for people but I love them I really do.
I would say I defo don’t like this as much as their first cause I think there are a few songs that didn’t really grab me 100%. I Know It’s True But I’m Sorry To Say I found a little weak and Sweet Misery Blues. In saying that, I could see how much they influenced quite a few artists in their style – heard a lot of Conor Oberst on this and other songs.
That been said, I really liked Country Death Song – great opener with a really sweet simple base the whole way through. Also Never Tell is cool and love the base solo at 3 minutes and the frantic ending. Black Girls may not be the most modern PC song for these times but the mental frantic sax playing throughout I thought suited their crazy sound perfectly, also the kazoo every now and again is classic.
My favourites were Jesus Walking On The Water – great tune, so catchy. But I’d say my favourite is I Hear The Rain – that’s how to write a pop song! 1:31 of just joy, so catchy and foot tapping. Defo get the They Might be Giants reference Spud, could easily fit on one of their albums for sure.
Another great album this week, had some gems recently we really have.”

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  • Country Death Song
  • I Hear The Rain


Karmarama by Picturehouse   

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