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INTRO (from Wiki)

Picturehouse are a band from Dublin, Ireland. Their second album, Karmarama, was released in 1998 through the East-West label in Ireland. This release strengthened their presence in their native Ireland. Sunburst was the most played song on Irish radio in 1998, a multinational retail group put in the song in their TV campaign and the band played countless sold out shows including the legendary Olympia Theatre and the Point Depot. An award followed with Dave receiving “The Phil Lynott songwriting award” which was presented by Phil’s mother in London.



Mick – “Thought the opener You and I was a little weak for an opening track. I’m normally taken by the first one and it sets the mood. I knew Sunburst and All The Time In The World from back in the day, both good tunes. Found one or two tracks a little bland like One In A Million. I liked Me, Myself and You – was very catchy. My favourite was Love In The Streets by a mile, great melody and sing-along tune.
I found in more than a few songs that they could be Ocean Colour Scene songs on the B-sides, Seasides and Freerides album, especially Midas.
I would say I found it okay and inoffensive with some nice tunes but I don’t think I’ll be running back to it.
A lad in work was saying they are a very popular wedding band now – his mate’s wife sings with them. They will learn any song for the wedding so shows how good they are as musicians I suppose.
Cheers Molly, I never would have listened to them so glad I got a reason.”

Molly – “I pretty much mirror Mick with my review. I remember the hits from years ago and I liked them back then but now listening to the album right through a few times, I did find it bland as a whole. Nothing that I disliked, very easy listening, but not much that totally grabbed me.
I get the Ocean Colour Scene vibe. I was thinking Flying Squad album but I also hear Crowded House a lot in them.
I liked Midas and All The Time In The World but agree with Mick on the top choice as Love In The Streets – bit of the Saw Doctors there me thinks, very catchy and a feel good song.
All in all, enjoyable album, I will go back to some songs but not an album I’ll be putting on start to finish very often. But mainly cheers for the stroll down memory lane Molly.”

Spud – “I mostly agree with Mick and Sol:
– Opening track is terrible.
– They are a poor man’s Ocean Colour Scene, like if they replaced Simon Fowler with Marti Pellow or some c*nt.
– The album is bland but for Sunburst and Love In The Streets (which is a brilliant song and I’d actually like to hear Ocean Colour Scene play this).
All in all, too many misses and not enough hits. Them being a wedding band says it all really.”

E.P. – “Not for me this album at all. Far too radio friendly. And with that, I’d be changing the channel. Love In The Streets is good – Ocean Colour Scene vibe off that one big time (sounds like These Days Could Last Forever). Other than that, wouldn’t be going back to anything. Miss for me.”

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  • All The Time In The World
  • Love In The Streets


With A Little Help From My Friends by Joe Cocker   

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