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INTRO (from Wiki)

Immunity is the fourth studio album by English musician and producer Jon Hopkins. The electronic album was released on 3 June 2013 by Domino Records to critical acclaim and was nominated for the 2013 Mercury Prize for best album. The album peaked at #67 on the UK Albums Chart and at #12 on the Official Charts Company’s Dance Albums Chart. It also peaked at #13 on Billboard’s Top Electronic Albums.



Mick – “I heard of him a few years back but was only when ya put me his way that I listened a bit more. This album I like for sure. The opener, We Disappear, and Breathe This Air have great changes in tempo to both especially the latter. Collider I would say would be the track people who don’t like electronic/minimalistic electronic might struggle a bit – the repetitive beat for 9 minutes might be a bit much but I’m a fan.
Bits I listened to him before were more mellow and zoned out music and I think this style kicks in more in the second half of the album. Abandon Window is a beautiful track and more like some of the others I have previously listened to. Wasn’t mad on Sun Harmomics but liked Immunity.
For me the best track by a mile is Open Eye Signal – great subtleties in the constant beat changes the whole way through and a nice little techno-ish finish to the song.
Might not be for everyone but I really like it. Good choice Clarkey – ya have my happy nod of approval for sure.”

Sol – “As a whole album I found it wasn’t really my cup of tea. I didn’t like Collider or Form By Firelight at all. I found them difficult to listen to – reminded me of an old scratched record (I sound like an aul fella), although it’s probably some mad dj technique that you kids are all down with!
I did like the start of Open Eye Signal but not so much the end of it. I did like Abandon Window.
Not sure if this makes sense… it’s not an album I’d go to listen to on the bus to work or chilling on the couch However, if I was in some bar chilling in the sun and this was on in the background, not too loud, I’d think it’s really good and suit that mood/scene. I won’t totally write him off but merely push him to the side until a sunny chill out day!”

Molly – “I have to say I wasn’t too keen on the album. I didn’t give it too many listens in fairness. I’ll have to give it a few more before I cast judgement. But so far I’m not sold. Sorry.”

E.P. – “I liked it. Actually opposite to Sol – I found it easy to listen to on the bus. I was a fan of the more melodic stuff, like Breathe This Air and Abandon Window (is it the same piano piece?).
Definitely different to other stuff put up so fair play.”

Spud – “I liked it too. Easy to listen to in the most part, except Collider as Sol mentioned the scratchy record thing and Mick quite rightly pointed out some of us might not like.
Hard for me to pick a favourite track but I liked the few lyrics dropped into Immunity – I think I missed them in the first few listens.
I found it great for listening to at work. If his other stuff is more mellow and zoned out I’d defo be interested in checking it out.
He is someone who I thought I’d never heard of but actually one of his tracks was played on the radio during the week.”

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  • Open Eye Signal
  • Abandon Window


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