Chosen by Mick

INTRO (from Wiki)

The Big Romance is the second album by Irish Singer-songwriter David Kitt. It was released on June 18, 2001. It was voted by Hotpress Magazine to be the 31st best Irish Album ever.



Sol – “I really enjoyed the album this week. I had listened to it years ago and knew a few songs from it but was really enjoyable to listen to it start to finish a good few times this week.
I know this is one of your favorites and I can see why. I find him very easy to listen to and liked the variety throughout the album.
I liked Step Outside In The Morning Light and Pale Blue Light. My favourite song has to be What I Ask. I’ve only seen him live once and I remember him playing this song and loved it from the get go, brings me back to that gig in Whelan’s years ago. This is followed closely (not just on the album) by Strange Light In The Evening, brilliant song, so simple with the repetitive beat throughout. Nice one for putting this one up Mick.”

Clarkey – “Always loved this album. Listened to it quite a bit while I was travelling as it’s always a reliable listen no matter what mood you’re in. Very safe choice though – I’m annoyed with you!
But yeah, since the time I have had it 12-odd years or whatever, my fav song changes every year. So they’re all my fav song if that makes sense. Listening to it here now in the gym probably not the best place for it – nearly dropped the bar on my neck!”

E.P. – “I liked it too. Not as much as the others now… bit too slow paced for me.
Agree with Sol, really like What I Ask. After that then I liked Whispers Return The Sun, Rest The Moon and Late Night, Early Morning.
I felt some of them were a bit overly long, but they’re still good songs if that makes sense? No? So what!”

Molly – “I wasn’t too familiar with David Kitt before this week. Never seen him live either. I did enjoy the album. Favourite songs are Pale Blue Light and Strange Light In The Evening. I do get your point of the songs going on a bit. But it doesn’t take away from the album.”

Spud – “I was listening to the expanded edition (14 songs, 1hr 22mins) and while it’s a good album, it’s too long. For the pace of the album, you’re nearly asleep by the end. Like Clarkey, I find it difficult to pick a favourite track, but if I had to I’d probably pick… nah, sorry, can’t do it. Easily 5 equally good songs that I really couldn’t choose between. Enjoyed listening to the album again but the additional tracks aren’t needed.”

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  • Pale Blue Light
  • What I Ask


Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea by PJ Harvey

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