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Silent Alarm is the debut studio album by British indie rock band Bloc Party. Recorded in Copenhagen and London in mid-2004 with producer Paul Epworth, it was released in February 2005 on Wichita Recordings. The record peaked at number three on the United Kingdom Albums Chart. In the United States, it entered the Billboard 200 at number 114 and the Billboard Top Independent Albums at number seven. The double A-side “So Here We Are/Positive Tension”, “Banquet”, and “Pioneers” were released as singles. Silent Alarm went on to achieve worldwide sales of over one million copies.
Bloc Party aimed to create an album that appealed to followers of different musical genres. Building on the arrangements in their demo songs recorded in 2004, the band members moulded tracks largely through live takes during the Silent Alarm studio sessions. The compositional focus was on rhythm and the drum and bass parts, while lyricist Kele Okereke’s writing examined the feelings and hopes of young adults, including views on global politics. Following the album’s completion, Bloc Party embarked on promotional tours before its release.
Silent Alarm garnered widespread critical acclaim with praise often centered on its fast tempo and passionate delivery. Later in 2005, it was remixed as Silent Alarm Remixed and was re-released with bonus tracks to coincide with Bloc Party’s worldwide touring schedule. The album has received accolades throughout the music industry since its release.



Mick – “This album is up there in my top 10 I’d say. For me it’s flawless, it really is. It came out at a busy drinking period and nights out in town. Will always have great memories I have to say.
The opening three/four songs are just unreal, Like Eating Glass, Helicopter and my favourite Banquet is a phenomenal opening to the album. I like the little change of mood in Blue Light.
Luno and This Modern Love are epic too, and the lyrics in the latter are great. My second favourite is So Here We Are – really nicely done for a song that doesn’t necessarily fit the rest of the album.
If ya had to put a gun to my head the only thing is I really like Compliments but no need for the 13 minutes – a bit wanky that, because what ya wait for ain’t worth it.
10/10 from me though – I love this album.”

Molly – “Yeah I loved it too. It was great to listen to on the bike. I can’t believe I haven’t listened to more of their stuff. Like Eating Glass is a top tune, great drumming. Kept going back to that one, it’s my favorite . I’d agree with ya Mick first few songs are great. I defo will be looking up more of their stuff.”

Sol – “Same here Clarkey. I had never listened to these at all, there was nothing about the album I didn’t like. Similar to Molly, I’m gonna go through their other albums, they’re right up my alley.
As mentioned, the first few songs are a great start to the album, great mixture and structure to this album if that makes sense.
Think my favourite two are So Here We Are and Luno, deadly drums throughout the latter.
Cheers for this one Clarkey, little gem of a new band for me to listen to.”

E.P. – “The album was deadly. I loved The Pioneers track. Agree with the lads – great opening few songs. Very strong album all round. Not a big fan of yer man’s voice, but it suits the style though. Excellent choice”

Spud – “Knew probably half the album, all the singles – absolute choons! Impossible to pick a favourite.
Agree with Sol that the album has a good flow (what I felt was missing from Joe Cocker last week).
Like E.P., I’m not mad on yer man’s voice (accent) but it just works. It’s at its worst on Positive Tension but that’s still a good song.
I was listening to the US version which thankfully didn’t have the wanky 13 minute long version of Compliments that Mick mentioned so I don’t have any lowlights from the album. I’d say they’re great live.”

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  • Like Eating Glass
  • Helicopter


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