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INTRO (from Wiki)

Human After All is the third studio album by French electronic music duo Daft Punk, released on 14 March 2005 by Virgin Records. Unlike their previous album Discovery (2001), whose sound was inspired by disco and garage house, Human After All was more minimalistic and improvisational with a mixture of guitars and electronics.



EP – “Really liked the album. More of a fan of the first album I’d say. Human After All is a great opener. Love the finish of The Prime Time of Your Life. Robot Rock is really good and I love The Brainwasher. Television Rules the Nation is deadly too. Lots to enjoy on it.”

Clarkey – “Yeah, always a decent album although unfortunately I wasn’t in the Daft Punk mood this week. Think their Alive 2007 album really makes the songs sound very average when you listen to them on the actual album version, which is disappointing for me. Good choice though, I’ll always like that kinda album.”

Spud – “Agree with Clarkey that you have to be in the mood. Most of the week I wasn’t enjoying it but I got into it a bit more on the last two days.
Technologic is a beast, and Robot Rock too. The title track and opener is decent, and although quite simple, Television Rules The Nation is good.
Really don’t like Steam Machine, Make Love, or Emotion.
Some tracks have elements I like and elements I don’t like. E.P. mentioned he loves the end of The Prime Time of Your Life – I actually hated that but liked the first half. And with The Brainwasher, great tune… if they left out the lyrics part.
If I listened for another week it would probably grow on me, but instead I think I’ll listen to Clarkey’s recommendation of Alive 2007.”

Sol – “I’m actually surprised with myself, was really looking forward to this album but sorta struggled with it during the week. But like the lads said, I think it was a mood thing being tired after a mad weekend, as I mostly listen to the albums on the bus in and out of work. Saying that, similar to Spud, I did however find myself liking parts of it a lot more as the week went on.”

Molly – “I’m a bit 50/50 on this one. Maybe the mood wasn’t on me, but it didn’t grab me! Robot Rock – big thumbs up. Steam Machine – no thumbs. The Prime Time of Your Life – thumbs down. I think I’ll give it another try but not the Daft Punk I was expecting.”

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  • Robot Rock
  • Technologic


Daughter by The Holy

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