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Harvest is the fourth studio album by Canadian musician Neil Young, released in February 1972, on Reprise Records, catalogue MS 2032. It featured the London Symphony Orchestra on two tracks and vocals by noted guests David Crosby, Graham Nash, Linda Ronstadt, Stephen Stills, and James Taylor. It topped the Billboard 200 album chart for two weeks, and spawned two hit singles, “Old Man”, which peaked at #31 on the Billboard Hot 100, and “Heart of Gold”, which reached #1. It was the best-selling album of 1972 in the United States.



Clarkey – “Out on the Weekend – nice melodic song. Love the harmonica in it as it’s done very well, not enough good harmonica in songs these days.
Harvest – nice song, slow paced but good lyrics.
A Man Needs a Maid – not my fav song on the album but I thought the style of music in the song suited the lyrics very well.
Heart of Gold – old classic, what’s to be said really, bit like me still searching and getting old.
Are You Ready for the Country? – some nice slide guitar in this song and a decent song.
Old Man – been my favourite song by Neil Young for some time, great story about a man he bought a ranch off who looked after all his cattle and was there from the owners before.
There’s a World – thought the piano in this song was very powerful and I liked the strings in it too. I’d imagine it would be great live.
Alabama – ok song
The Needle and the Damage Done – really liked this song, the guitar is excellent in it and the lyrics were fantastic.
Words – thought the structure of this song was excellent, favourite thing is the way he builds it.
Overall I thought the album was excellent, most impressive thing about the album I thought was the way he structures his lyrics to the instruments, really empowers his lyrics this way I think. I’d give the album a 8/10.”

Ice – “Thanks for putting this forward Sol. I didn’t think I knew this guy until I heard the classic Harvest, what a great tune! I loved every part of this song; his voice, the guitar and support, very well executed!
Heart of Gold was a familiar tune but a bit to repetitive.
A Man Needs a Maid – opening verse made me smile, nice song and dead right we just need a maid!
I’m in two minds on There’s a World but I liked the collaboration on Alabama and loved the lyrics on The Needle and the Damage Done. Loved the instrumental interlude in the middle of Words, so much so that I played it a few times.
He started off with quirky yet soft voice but then stepped it up for the likes of Are You Ready for the Country? which got my head noddin’ and then smashed it in Old Man, great song! Overall I’m glad I listened to this even though its not my fav genre and would defo share a whiskey with you while listening to Harvest Moon.”

Molly – “Love some of Neil Young’s work but I feel the full album dragged on… after a few songs his voice started to grate on me, even though the album is short enough. That’s not to say he hasn’t got some awesome songs though. Old Man, Heart of Gold, A Man Needs a Maid – all great songs lyrically and musically. But I couldn’t see myself listening to him for a full gig. I’d say 6 out of 10.”

Mick – “I do like it I have to say but it’s a like not a love for sure. Some really nice tunes on this album but for me some fillers too.
Out on the Weekend is a lovely chilled song, harmonica seems to be a big favourite of Young through a lot of his music, think it’s lovely in this.
Harvest is one of my favourites, think someone mentioned the nice subtle slide guitar in the background is lovely.
His voice is so unique in this album he slightly talks songs rather than sing them, could defo see why he wouldn’t be people’s cup of tea that way. He can’t really sing to be fair.
Are You Ready for the Country? is a really catchy blues type jingle, great guitar too. Old Man is a really cool song too and Heart of Gold with the iconic harmonica in it again is a fantastic tune, loved that for ages.
There’s a World wouldn’t be my favourite by a mile but it has a rapid sense of drama to it, kinda sounds like it could or should be from a film score. Alabama, The Needle and the Damage Done and Words are the ‘meh’ part of the album for me, kinda passed me by without anything catching my ear.
A Man Needs a Maid is my favourite song on this. I love the story telling aspect to this song and the strings are beautiful throughout and the booming brass towards the end, nice simple triangle or something every now and again. It’s a rollercoaster of a tune. This is the Neil Young I like most. Always nice to listen to something I haven’t in ages so great choice this week bud.”

E.P. – “I’d be very similar to Molly with my review on this. Found it very hard to get into the album. Heart of Gold and Old Man are brilliant, but other than that… I wasn’t sold on it at all. Very distinctive voice and all that, but I wouldn’t be rushing to listen to more from him.”

Spud – “I loved this album from start to finish. There definitely isn’t enough harmonica in music today!
As with others, Heart of Gold and Old Man are two of my favourites, not just on this album but of all time. I will never tire of listening to them.
In third place on this album is The Needle and the Damage Done. What a great song – two minutes of magic! I can’t believe Mick didn’t like this, or Alabama and Words. All brilliant.
There isn’t actually a song I didn’t like. I could listen on repeat over and over. The whole album works perfectly together and I could see it being a film score in its entirety.”

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  • Heart of Gold
  • Old Man


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