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A Love So Beautiful is a compilation album by American singer Roy Orbison. It was released on November 3, 2017 by Roy’s Boys, Monument, Legacy, Sony. The album features archival vocal recordings of Orbison accompanied by new orchestral arrangements by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. It also features a duet with English country duo Ward Thomas.



Mick – “I can honestly say I have never really listened to him before and always say I must but never got round to it so cheers for putting it up.
I think I could listen to him singing a phone book his voice is amazing but for me I didn’t particularly enjoy listening to this as a whole. It’s probably a greatest hits thing I’m sure but two very different styles of music for me. The likes of In Dreams, Pretty Paper, It’s Over, Blue Angel and Running Scared had a very similar comparison to lots of early Elvis songs. I know they would have been out at that stage together and if I didn’t put it on myself I would not have been able to tell the difference between them. I can’t put my finger exactly why I don’t like it I just find it very boring, drawn out and not enough change in tempo or anything to keep my attention.
On the other hand Uptown and Mean Woman Blues have a great tempo to it and the brass and sax add fantastic elements to the songs. I’d say they are amazing live, kinda have the opposite effect by sounding like 50’s rock which I do like very much. I also love the vocal harmonies in these songs they add such a great element to them.
I Drove All Night is absolutely amazing and the versions on this don’t disappoint at all, could play that song all day. I did know quiet a few it turns out Only the Lonely and You Got It and Oh, Pretty Woman, the latter I absolutely hate for some reason so couldn’t wait to turn that song off.
Defo glad to listen to it but not nearly enough enjoyment to give me the want for a listen in the future I’m afraid.”

Ice – “In Dreams – Lovely relaxing song.
Crying – A classic, great song!
I’m Hurtin’:/
Oh, Pretty Woman – Super song! Love the guitar melody / drums collab!
It’s Over – I’m glad.
Dream Baby – Good tune, catchy!
Blue Angel – Easy listening.
Love Hurts – A classic but not mad about it.
Uptown – Like the way it’s more upbeat… easy listening
Mean Woman Blues – Great tune, like the guitar, has my head noddin’!
Only the Lonely – Classic tune, again such easy listening.
Running Scared – Great buildup, short and sweet, listened to this one the most!
I Drove All Night – Brilliant! One of my all time favs!
You Got It – Whopper tune, love it!
A Love So Beautiful – Lovely song.
Pretty Paper – Don’t like the lyrics.. Does he have a paper fetish?
Overall many thanks Molly! Great album! So easy to listen to and some super classics in the mix! Saved a few to my favs.”

E.P. – “I’d be a lot like Mick with my opinions. Some great stuff on there… You Got It, It’s Over, I Drove All Night. His voice is amazing, so distinctive. Some tracks are a bit of a miss… but overall I liked it. Nice change of pace from the usual albums.”

Sol – “Firstly I only knew a handful of his songs, never really gave them much thought to be honest, was delighted when Molly put this album up as it gave a reason to listen to an artist like this, which to me is part of what this group is about.
Again only knowing a few of his songs, I never noticed how similar he is to Elvis. Similar to what Mick said, I actually couldn’t tell the difference, at one stage while my phone was in my pocket, I actually thought the album had finished and it just went onto similar artists and I thought Elvis had come on.
Saying all this, I didn’t quite enjoy the album as a whole, very same-same throughout, so I found it difficult to listen from start to finish. I found myself listening to a few songs and getting bored and turning it off.
He has an amazing voice and great hits, I particularly liked the orchestral accompaniment on this album, I felt it lifted them to another level.
I have the feeling that some of the songs would have great sentiment to that generation, similar to 90’s songs for us, but listening to them for the first time now, they are dismissed very easily.
Unlike Mick, I love Oh, Pretty Woman, think it’s a classic and automatically lifts me up from the first few bars, reminds me of Julia Roberts also!
Love You Got It, such a classic, can’t help but sing along with it.
Running Scared is a new song for me, was impressed with this one, sorta reminded me of the start of Time To Say Goodbye. I’d have to listen to the original as it may be the orchestra that does it for me.
So this leaves me with I Drove All Night, classic by all means, even though the lyrics are creepy as fuck! It’s actually a fact that it’s impossible to listen to this without tapping your foot! Now this version works so well, the strings are fucking brilliant, this is definitely what I’m taking away from this week.
Cheers for this one Molly, it may not be an album that I’ll go back to much but really glad I gave some time to check him out and took away a few songs from it.”

Spud – “When I was about 10, I wanted to buy a Roy Orbison album for me Ma. I was too embarrassed to actually go into Golden Discs and buy it so a friend went in for me!
The cliché “timeless classic” is probably used to describe some of Roy Orbison’s songs. The only song for me on this album that is truly timeless is I Drove All Night. Nearly all of the others should be confined to the era they were recorded in. I found the singing style, music, even the lyrics of the ballads all to be kinda dated.
I did like a few other songs that I would consider to be more of the rock ‘n’ roll genre: Dream Baby, Mean Woman Blues and You Got It.
The best thing about the album is I Drove All Night is on it twice. It’s a corker of a song. But generally I think 10 year old me was pretty smart – I still wouldn’t buy a Roy Orbison album.”

Clarkey – “Thought the album started well with some nice easy listening music. In Dreams and Crying both decent songs. Thought then the album became a bit repetitive.
Dream Baby I enjoyed and Blue Angel, reminded me of sitting in Eddie Rockets or an American diner really.
My favourite song was Mean Woman Blues followed by Uptown. Mean Woman Blues I thought was nice and dancey. I thought the guitar, drums and brass worked very well together in it along with his great voice. Uptown was cool, upbeat as well, just a pity these 2 songs were so short.
Only the Lonely is an old classic for sure, but I prefer the original.
Overall I think his voice is fantastic, some really good songs on it but a lot has the same melody I found although I do think it would work very well as background music somewhere and would enjoy it if i was relaxing with it on in the background for sure. I give it a 6/10.”

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  • I Drove All Night
  • You Got It


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