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The Holy is a Finnish rock band that was founded in 2014. After watching the World Cup Final with a few beers, the friends decided to form a band. They listened to the demos of the singer-guitarist Henrik and ended up in a training camp. In addition to the frontman, The Holy has two drummers, Mikko and Eero, a second guitarist, Pyry, and a female bass and synth player, Laura. Released in September 2018, Daughter is their debut album.



Mick – “Where did they come from? Ya would never know they are Finnish by the accent at all. The most logical way to describe them is that the line up of Reading Festival 2012 all spunked into a bucket and that culminated in a serious outfit that sound like 30 bands to me. I hear Arcade Fire, Foo Fighters, Blur, The Dears, Editors, Klaxons, Bloc Party, Neil Hannon, The Antlers, could go on forever.
I don’t think there was a song I didn’t like and it got better every time I listened (and that was a lot this week)! Genuinely loved it. Also perfect length, 8 songs is a great album length.
Again cracker of an opener with Land Before Time – really frenetic pace that just doesn’t let up. Triumph of Love is a completely different tempo but still done really well – ya don’t feel disappointed going from banger to mellow. Letters is really lovely and that piano and beat work great. Bonkers sounding at the end but still works for some reason.
Fanfare III really sounded like the Foo Fighters – great energy the whole way through. Tomcat is one of my favourites I must say – great tune, loads of layers in the song, really kept me finding new bits every time I heard it.
Obi Bate Opiate is a great tune, all over the place and seems maybe like it shouldn’t be on this album at times but I love it, deadly bass throughout it. There Is a House was probably the only one I could possibly skip over. 20Xx Tomorrow was by a mile my favourite song – beautiful melody and lyrics the whole way through and his voice is great on this.
Never heard of them before but delighted I have now. Really really enjoyed it. 10/10 for me.”

Sol – “Not much more I can say after Mick’s thesis! I won’t go into it but I pretty much echo everything he said, really enjoyed it from the very first listen.
Not one song or part of it where I felt I’d wanna skip as the week went on. Fav tune for me was 20Xx Tomorrow. Cheers for this one Spud, will be keeping an eye out for future stuff from these guys.”

Molly – “Yeah, Mick did a great dissection on the album! I loved it too.
Favourite tune is Fanfare III. Totally agree with the Foo Fighters comparison.”

E.P. – “Liked the album a lot too. Great opener. Agree with Molly – loved Fanfare III.
I really liked Letter at the end too – like that droning feel, followed by the guitar finisher.”

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  • Fanfare III
  • 20Xx Tomorrow


These Four Walls by We Were Promised Jetpacks

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