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These Four Walls is the debut studio album by Scottish indie rock band We Were Promised Jetpacks, released on 15 June 2009 in the UK, and on 7 July 2009 in the US by Fat Cat Records. The band recorded the album at Earth Studios in Odiham, Hampshire, England with producers Ken Thomas, Joylon Thomas, and Peter Katis. Four singles were released from the album: “Quiet Little Voices” in May 2009, “Roll Up Your Sleeves” in June 2009, and the double A-side single “It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning” and “Ships With Holes Will Sink” in November 2009. Following the album’s release, an EP of alternate recordings and unreleased tracks entitled The Last Place You’ll Look was issued in March 2010.



Molly – “This is an excellent listen. Loved it. His Scottish accent really adds to the overall effect of the band and the music. They remind me of Kaiser Chiefs with a Proclaimer singing!
Top songs for me:
Quiet Little Voices, I like the way the guitar drives the song. Nothing too fancy but great riff.
Roll up Your Sleeves is the other standout for me. Great base and drums intro builds nicely and then eases off.
They are my two fav tunes but the whole album is a winner. Good shout E.P.”

Sol – “That is an excellent album, only thing I dislike about it is having to pick a favourite song!
The opener is class, from the first few seconds, these guys had my full attention, the drums are excellent towards the end of this one.
Really torn between This Is My House, This Is My Home and Quiet Little Voices as my favourite but think I’ll go with the former. Love his voice in this and how ya just know it’s building up to something, ya can hear it with the drums and the pitch of his voice.
However, the guitar in Quiet Little Voices is class and it’s such a catchy song, I could see this being their Dakota (by Stereophponics).
For me this album, is up there as one of my favourite ‘new artists for me’ within this group so far.”

Mick – “These Four Walls is, as you know from me before, a gem. I was a bit like Sol when I first heard them, just a sound not like anyone else at the time and with the added bonus of the thick Scottish accent. I still hold that Whelan’s gig on this album as one of my favourites.
It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning is a great track, love the little xylophone jingle about mid-way, it’s great. Real builder of a tune that makes a lot of great noise throughout.
Roll up Your Sleeves I found myself singing along all the time out loud, embarrassingly enough.
Conductor kinda teases ya that it’s gonna be a mellow one but blows up at the end. I like the way in this song it goes very quiet at times, really shows how good a voice he has, think sometimes that gets drowned out by the rousing music.
Short Bursts has really catchy drums throughout which I love, and that subtle xylophone again, my favourite. Great foot-tapping tune this, really gets ya going.
I do have to say I’m not a fan of all the album. I find Ships with Holes Will Sink, A Half Built House and An Almighty Thud a little ‘meh’ to be honest, especially the latter feels like an album filler for me.
Favourites for me are This Is My House, This Is My Home – great tune to sing along with, love the melody throughout and again how it takes off towards the end.
Quiet Little Voices for me is the anthem on the album, been on a best of playlist of mine for ages. It makes me wanna get a horse from somewhere and ride it into battle! I can’t sit still listening to this song, such a get up and go song (not a fan of horses btw and not actively seeking a war zone after this week’s listening).
For me the tops is Keeping Warm – first song I heard of them and it blew me outta my socks and still does. Love the drums throughout, again a real sing-along song for me and a corker live too.
The one thing I did listen to more this week than before is the lyrics of the songs and they’re quite interesting in a good way I have to say. Thumbs up for sure E.P., great shout as always with the jetpacks.
‘The chances of being born are so slim, so keep warm, so keep warrrrmmmm…’.”

Spud – “Really enjoyed this album from the first listen, which was on me way to play a match. It has just the right combination of soft and heavy to get me in the mood for a good scrap on the pitch, but it doesn’t go too heavy and lead to me getting sent off!
I agree with the earlier comments about the singer’s voice. I think it’s great that he doesn’t try to neutralize his Glaswegian accent. Is it just me, or are Scots easier to understand when they’re singing??
My favourite song is Quiet Little Voices – it was stuck in me head all week. It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning is a close second. Of the more “mellow” songs, I really like Conductor and This Is My House, This Is My Home.
Yes, A Half Built House is a bit of a filler, but I didn’t mind that one. Ending on An Almighty Thud though, the only song I really didn’t like, is a shame. I will just consider it a ten track album and finish with Keeping Warm, which feels to me like a more fitting song to close ‘these four walls’.
Can definitely see why they’d be great live!”

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  • It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning
  • This Is My House, This Is My Home


A Love So Beautiful by Roy Orbison

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